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ScienceWatch.com (updated weekly) provides a behind-the-scenes look at the scientists, journals, institutions, nations, and papers selected by Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Clarivate Analytics and other products of the Research Services Group.

ScienceWatch.com provides a comprehensive, open Web resource for science metrics and analysis. This website combines the newest Science Watch© newsletter material, along with regularly updated data, analysis, interviews, and commentary source data drawn from Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters.

"ScienceWatch.com uses data from the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science® and also our Essential Sciences Indicators database, but then adds another dimension. The database provides an unbiased way to survey the scientific landscape and spot features that are newsworthy and significant — new topics, new developments, new trends. Then we dig deeper, and interview the scientists involved. So when you access ScienceWatch.com, you're accessing the scientific community — and discovering their perspectives and their insights." .

Dr. Henry Small, Chief Scientist at Clarivate Analytics

Bringing all these resources together in one easily accessible website gives the scientific community an ideal, convenient location for keeping up with the latest developments in science – what the leading scientists have to say, how the hottest topics are affecting research and everyday life, where the most significant research is taking place, and much more.


Read the methodology behind Essential Science Indicators as well as the features within ScienceWatch.com.

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