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Understanding Core Data

Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Clarivate Analytics is an analytical tool that enables ongoing, quantitative analyses of research performance and the tracking of scientific trends. Covering a multidisciplinary selection of 11,000+ journals from around the world (see complete journal list for Essential Science Indicators), this unique evaluation tool offers publication and citation data that allow the user to create rankings of scientists, institutions, countries, and journals. The data cover the period from 1994 to the present, with regular cumulative updates every two months. As part of the ISI Web of Knowledge, Essential Science Indicators provides researchers with a unique and comprehensive compilation of performance statistics and science-trends data derived from the ISI e-information products.

Below are very useful links to help you understand how the Essential Science Indicators works using counting methods for articles and citations, time periods for counts, types of items counted, journals included, citation thresholds, name conflation, name variations, and rank orderings for:

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