Citation Thresholds

Updated January 1, 2011

As of January 1, 2011, the Essential Science IndicatorsSM citation thresholds will no longer be available on, but will continue to be accessible via the Essential Science Indicators product website.

If you are interested in continued access to the thresholds and cannot access the Essential Science Indicators product website, please contact us at Thomson Scientific Research Services.

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About citation thresholds

Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Clarivate Analytics identifies the "essential core" of journal articles, scientists, institutions, countries, and journals from this large data corpus by setting selection criteria (a certain number of citations) for each of the disciplines. These thresholds, set to select some constant fraction of items, are described in an accompanying document (citation thresholds).

For example, for highly cited papers, Essential Science Indicators selects the top 1% of articles by total citations in each annual cohort from each of the 22 disciplines. Highly cited papers in Essential Science Indicators total about 90,000 items. Essential Science Indicators also identifies "hot papers," which date from the last two years and which have received an unusually high number of citations during the most recent two-month period. About 1,800 hot papers are selected, representing the top 0.1% in the two-year period.


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