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The Hottest Research of 2007-08
by Christopher King, Editor
It's time again for Science Watch from Clarivate Analytics to take its annual look back at the hottest of recent research. The first table below lists the researchers who, during 2008, accounted for the the highest numbers of Hot Papers published over the preceding two years. The second table features the papers published during 2008 (aside from reviews) that were most cited by year's end.

Among the scientists, none fielded more Hot Papers during 2008 than Kuo-Chen Chou of the Gordon Life Sciences Institute and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His 17 Hot Papers published since 2007 cover a variety of sequencing tools for predicting protein location (e.g., "Euk-mPloc: a fusion classifier for large-scale eukaryotic protein subcellular location prediction by incorporating multiple sites," J. Proteome Res., 6[5]: 1728-34, 2007). Thirteen of these reports were coauthored with another of the featured scientists, Hong-Bin Shen.

Rudolf Jaenisch of the Whitehead Institute at MIT, who's interviewed in this issue, contributed to 13 Hot Papers, primarily on reprogramming fibroblast cells to a pluripotent state comparable to embryonic stem cells.

The list is also notable for the number of researchers previously interviewed in these pages or featured at the site: Georgia Tech's Zhong Lin Wang (November/December 2008), whose Hot Papers report on nanogenerators and other materials; Andre K. Geim (July/August 2008), who, with Manchester colleague Konstantin Novoselov, has published recent Hot Papers on graphene; Virginia M.-Y. Lee (January/February 2007), who has contributed to nine Hot Papers on neurodegenerative disease, joined by coauthor and Penn colleague John Q. Trojanowski; and Salim Yusuf (September/October 1993) (see also), whose Hot Papers report on therapy in cardiovascular medicine.

Ji-Huan He (see also: 1 ¦ 2) has written on the variational iteration method and other mathematical concepts. Chemist Benjamin List's Hot Papers focus chiefly on asymmetric catalysis. Donald P. Schneider has made the most of his contribution to highly cited reports from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, with investigations of quasars and other phenomena. And Hiroaki Ohnishi, this year's sole high-energy physicist, is a member of the PHENIX Collaboration, studying quark-gluon plasma and other states of matter.

The list of 2008's most-cited papers is striking for the prominence of physical-sciences reports in the top spots—especially those on iron-based superconductors, a topic that accounts for the #1 paper and three others in the top ten (#5, #6, #7). Theoretical physics, and specifically string theory, also registers strongly, with several papers examining recent refinements to M-theory (#9, #12, #29, #34, #35, #40; see also Physics correspondent Simon Mitton's Top Ten column in this issue).

Overall, the New England Journal of Medicine makes the same strong showing as in recent years, accounting for 12 of the 42 papers.

And one 2008 paper, although technically a review and therefore excluded from the list, certainly merits an honorable mention. "A short history of SHELX," from Acta Crystallographica A (G.M. Sheldrick, 64: 112-22, January 2008) was cited a whopping 3,000 times by December 2008, demonstrating that this system of programs for small-molecule determination is still finding wide application after more than 30 years in existence.

Christopher King is the Editor of the Science Watch® Newsletter, Clarivate Analytics.

Scientists with Multiple Hot Papers



of Hot
Kuo-Chen Chou Gordon Life Sciences Institute Biochemistry/Bioinformatics 17
Rudolf Jaenisch Whitehead Institute, MIT Biochemistry 13
Konstantin Novoselov University of Manchester Materials 13
Hong-Bin Shen Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. Biochemistry/Bioinformatics 13
Andre K. Geim University of Manchester Materials 12
Ji-Huan He Donghua University Mathematics 10
Benjamin List Max Planck Inst. Coal Res. Chemistry 10
Salim Yusuf McMaster University Cardiology/Epidemiology 9
Donald P. Schneider Pennsylvania State University Space Science 9
Zhong Lin Wang Georgia Institute of Technology Materials 9
Virginia M.-Y. Lee University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience 9
John Q. Trojanowski University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience 9
Hiroaki Ohnishi RIKEN Nishina Center Physics 9

SOURCE: Clarivate Analytics Hot Papers Database

The Red-Hot Research Papers of 2008


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SOURCE: ISI Web of Knowledge® from Clarivate Analytics (Citations recorded as of late December 2008).




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