Special Topic of Supersymmetry

Since the 1980s, if not earlier, supersymmetry has reigned as the best available candidate for physics beyond the standard model—a theory of almost everything that would unite the weak, strong, and electromagnetic interactions in one global formulation, while predicting an entire universe of as-yet-undiscovered elementary particles. In this analysis, Special Topics examines the literature on supersymmetry over the past decade and over the past two years.

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Special Topics is designed to complement Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Clarivate Analytics in providing citation analyses and commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances or are of special current interest.

Each topic is prefaced with a description of its relation to the main Essential Science Indicators rankings and the methodology used to assemble the data from the Essential Science Indicators database. Occasionally, the data are drawn from the Web of Science® database rather than the Essential Science Indicators database—in each case, the source data is clearly noted.


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CMS collision events: candidate Upsilons in heavy-ion collisions – Dec 2010. Used with permission. © 2011 CERN.