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Epigenetics - March 2009

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Randy Jirtle August 2009
Randy Jirtle; One of the key papers in our Special Topics Research Front Map on Epigenetic Gene Regulation is "Transposable elements: targets for early nutritional effects on epigenetic gene regulation" (Waterland, R.A. and Jirtle, R.L., Mol. Cell. Biol. 23[15]: 5293-300, August 2003). This paper was coauthored Dr. Randy Jirtle and Dr. Robert Waterland, who was a postdoctoral fellow Dr. Jirtle's at the time. In this interview, talks with Dr. Jirtle about this paper and its influence on the field of epigenetics.
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May 2009
Fred Berger; One of the core papers in the Arabidopsis thalliana DNA Methylation Research Front Map, which is a part of our Special Topic on Epigenetics, is "Maintenance of DNA methylation during the Arabidopsis life cycle is essential for parental imprinting," (Jullien PE, et al., Plant Cell 18[6]: 1360-72, June 2006). In this interview, talks with two of the paper's authors, Dr. Frederic Berger and Dr. Pauline Jullien, about the paper and its significance for the research community.
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Prins April 2009
Gail Prins; The June 2006 Cancer Research paper, "Developmental exposure to estradiol and bisphenol A increases susceptibility to prostate carcinogenesis and epigenetically regulates phosphodiesterase type 4 variant 4" (Ho SM, Tang WY, de Frausto JB, Prins GS, 66[11]: 5624-32) is a key paper in the Research Front Map on Epigenetic Gene Regulation, part of our Special Topic on epigenetics. In this interview, talks with one of the authors, Dr. Gail Prins, about the paper and the impact it has had on the field.
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Michael Skinner March 2009
Michael Skinner; According to our Special Topics analysis on Epigenetics research over the past decade, the paper "Epigenetic transgenerational actions of endocrine disruptors and male fertility" (Anway MD, et al., Science 308[5727]: 1466-9, 3 June 2005) is a key paper in the Research Front Map on Epigenetic Gene Regulation. The paper, written by Dr. Michael Skinner and his team of research fellows at Washington State University, has 234 cites to its credit. In this interview, talks to Dr. Skinner about the paper and its impact on the field.
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