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High-Temperature Superconductors - February 2009
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David Cardwell August 2009

David Cardwell; According to our Special Topics Analysis of High-Temperature Superconductors over the past decade, the University of Cambridge's Professor David Cardwell ranks at #15 by total papers, based on 81 papers that have received 414 citations. In this interview, correspondent Dr. Simon Mitton talks with Professor Cardwell about his highly cited research.
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Goyal May 2009

Amit Goyal; According to our analysis of High-Temperature Superconductor research published over the past decade, Dr. Amit Goyal ranks at #1 by total citations and at #4 by number of papers, based on 138 papers cited a total of 1,738 times. The majority of his work can be found in the field of Materials Science in Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters. In this interview, he talks with about his highly cited work.
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