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Distribution of (a) total atmospheric water vapour (mm) and (b) precipitation rate (mm per hour) over the oceans estimated from the Special Sensor Microwave Imager and Sounder (SSMIS) onboard the NOAA F17 satellite for the local morning passes on the 19th November 2009. The most intense rainfall is associated with tropical convective storms (for example near to Indonesia) but sustained heavy rainfall is also associated with warm, moist flows of air often referred to as moisture conveyor belts or atmospheric rivers in the middle latitudes (for example the tongue of moist air extending up towards Ireland and the UK which resulted in intense rainfall and flooding in Cumbria in the North West of England).Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters contains data on Research Fronts (see Research Front Methodology) which are updated every two months. As part of this bimonthly processing, Special Topics identifies the Research Fronts that are appearing for the first time in each of the 22 major fields covered by Essential Science Indicators.

A new Front consists of core papers not previously included in any prior Front. We list here the most prominent of this new crop for each of the 22 fields as determined by the number of core papers they contain and the citations received. Research Front Maps may be selected from the current Research Front set that are relevant to the core papers of the chosen field. View them at the site-wide listing of all Research Front Maps (sorted by field).

For details on the core papers and other statistical characteristics of each Front, see the Research Fronts section of the Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics. Some papers have comments sent in by the author(s) of the paper which may include images and descriptions of their work.

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Emerging Research Fronts

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SSMIS figure. An image from the Emerging Research Front (Geo.) commentary titled: " Richard Allan on the Consequences of Intense Rainfall."