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Below is a list of all the interviews for Emerging Research Fronts in the year 2008. All of the author comments below are also listed in the site-wide Author Commentaries listings (available by month/year or alphabetically). View a list of only Emerging Research Front Maps –or– view a list from every category within that contains Research Front Maps (sorted by field).

December 2008
  Daniel W. Armstrong; Engineering
  Jonathan Bagger & Neil Lambert; Physics
  Jim Elser; Multidisciplinary
  Hideo Hosono; Space Science
  Helen S. Mayberg & Andres M. Lozano; Psychiatry/Psychology
  David C. Rubinsztein; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Daniel Stokols, Shalini Misra, Richard Moser, Kara Hall & Brandie Taylor; Social Sciences, general
  Sakari Uppala; Geosciences
  Berislav V. Zlokovic; Neuroscience & Behavior
(Additional interviews/commentaries may be added during December 2008/January 2009)
October 2008
  Merav Ahissar & Shaul Hochstein; Psychiatry/Psychology
  Gary M. Bokoch; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Riccardo Ferrando & Francesca Baletto; Chemistry
  Giovanni Onida, Lucia Reining & Angel Rubio; Physics
  David Reznick; Environment/Ecology
  Jen Sheen; Plant & Animal Science
August 2008
  Siegfried Blechert & Stephen Connon; Chemistry
  Wolfgang Brück; Neuroscience & Behavior
  Sampurno Bruijnzeel; Engineering
  Alan R. Hevner, Salvatore March, Jinsoo Park & Sudha Ram; Economics & Business
  Toshisada Nishida; Social Sciences, general
  Takashi Shinohara; Molecular Biology & Genetics
  Steven Shoelson; Biology & Biochemistry
  Nils Chr. Stenseth; Environment/Ecology
June 2008
  Wout Boerjan, John Ralph, & Marie Baucher; Plant & Animal Science
  Francisco Chavez; Geosciences (from Feb. 2004)
  Jay Cheng; Environment/Ecology
  Aram V. Chobanian; Clinical Medicine (from Feb. 2004)
  Peter Güntert; Engineering
  Günter Oberdörster, Eva Oberdörster, and Jan Oberdörster; Multidisciplinary
  Dominic Walsh & Dennis J. Selkoe; Neuroscience & Behavior
  Bo Zhou - Mathematics
April 2008
  Stephen A. Baylin & Peter A. Jones; Molecular Biology & Genetics
  Martin Brand; Biology & Biochemistry
  Oleg Dubovik; Geosciences
  Timothy D. Fornes & Don Paul ; Materials Science
  Ray M. Kaplan; Microbiology
  Shigeaki Kato; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Nicholas A. Kotov; Chemistry
  Alberto Mantovani; Immunology
  Ron Wrolstad; Agricultural Sciences
February 2008
  Mary J. Benner; Economics & Business
  Minoru Kanehisa; Computer Science
  Mary M. Robertson; Psychiatry/Psychology
  Bruce D. Trapp; Neuroscience & Behavior
  Ting Yu & Joseph Eberly; Physics
  Yong-Feng Zhu; Geosciences

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