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December 2008

From the database of Essential Science IndicatorsSM, this list of Emerging Research Fronts has been generated by a comparison of the data sets for the current period of September 31, 2002-August 31, 2008, and the previous period of July 2002-June 30, 2008 (sliding 6-year period). Of the 6,394 Research Fronts in the September 31, 2002-August 31, 2008, a total of 681 (10.6%) were new.

The following Research Front was selected for mapping from the list of Emerging Research Fronts from this period:

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Field Research Front Name Description
WINE FLAVOUR; YEAST INTERACTIONS; YEAST SPECIES; WINE AROMA; BACTERIAL MODULATION Wine is the product of complex interactions between fungi, yeasts and bacteria.
Biology &
ARABIDOPSIS GENOME REVEALS DNA METHYLATION PATTERNING; DIFFERENTIAL DNA METHYLATION; DNA METHYLATION PROFILING Cytosine methylation is required for mammalian development and is often perturbed in human cancer.
Chemistry MASS SPECTROMETRY-BASED PROTEOMICS; GENOMICS The role of mass spectrometry-based proteomics as a tool for molecular and cellular biology.
PI3K/AKT SIGNALLING PATHWAY; CELL CYCLE PROGRESSION; RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK PATHWAY; CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY The Phosphatidylinositol-3 kinases pathway is involved in many of the mechanisms targeted by new drugs.
AUTOMATED PROTEIN HOMOLOGY-MODELING SERVER; PROTEIN STRUCTURE HOMOLOGY MODELLING; WEB-BASED ENVIRONMENT is a server for automated comparative modeling of three-dimensional protein structures.
Economics &
ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION; COMPETITIVE TRANSMISSION INVESTMENT; SETTING TRANSMISSION TOLLS; TRANSMISSION PRICING Argentina's 1992 electricity reform made major expansions of the transmission system the responsibility of users.
Engineering ArmstrongThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.HIGH STABILITY GEMINAL DICATIONIC IONIC LIQUIDS; POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL FUNCTIONALIZED DICATIONIC IONIC LIQUIDS; IONIC LIQUID MOLECULES Geminal dicationic ionic liquids were synthesized and characterized, and are similar to those of their monocationic analogues.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Daniel W. Armstrong
METABOLICALLY VERSATILE PSEUDOMONAS PUTIDA KT2440; COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS; COMPLETE GENOME SEQUENCE; AROMATIC CATABOLIC PATHWAYS Pseudomonas putida, a saprophytic soil bacterium, has been certified as a biosafety host for the cloning of foreign genes.
Geosciences UppalaThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.JRA-25 REANALYSIS; ERA-40 REANALYSIS A re-analysis of meteorological observations from September 1957 to August 2002 produced by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Sakari Uppala
Immunology INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE; GENETIC BASIS Clinical experience has led to the generally accepted notion that Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are distinct entities.
WIDE BAND GAP FERROMAGNETIC SEMICONDUCTORS-OXIDES; WIDE BANDGAP SEMICONDUCTOR SPINTRONICS MATERIALS ADVANCES Advances in ferromagnetic semiconductors have potential for a new generation of microelectronic devices.
Mathematics EQUIVARIANT FORMALITY THEOREMS; DEFORMATION QUANTIZATION; POISSON MANIFOLDS; COVARIANT Every finite-dimensional Poisson manifold admits a canonical deformation quantization.
Microbiology ECHINOCOCCOSIS; CLINICAL ASPECTS; INCREASING CONCERN; BIOLOGICAL; EPIDEMIOLOGICAL Echinococcosis in humans is a zoonotic infection caused by larval stages of cestode species of the genus Echinococcus.
Molecular Biology
& Genetics
EPIGENETIC REGULATION; EPIGENETIC REPROGRAMMING; GENE EXPRESSION; ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNALS Epigenetic mechanisms may allow an organism to respond to the environment through changes in gene expression.
Multidisciplinary ElserThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.GLOBAL NITROGEN CYCLE; NITROGEN FERTILIZATION; SOIL CARBON SEQUESTRATION; EARTH-SYSTEM PERSPECTIVE The cycles of the key nutrient elements nitrogen and phosphorus have been massively altered by anthropogenic activities.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Jim Elser
Neuroscience &
ZlokovicLRP/AMYLOID BETA-PEPTIDE INTERACTION MEDIATES DIFFERENTIAL BRAIN EFFLUX; RAGE MEDIATES AMYLOID-BETA PEPTIDE TRANSPORT; NEUROVASCULAR MECHANISMS Amyloid-beta peptide interacts with the vasculature to influence Abeta levels in the brain and cerebral blood flow.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Berislav V. Zlokovic
Pharmacology &
RubinszteinSMALL MOLECULES ENHANCE AUTOPHAGY; NOVEL MTOR-INDEPENDENT AUTOPHAGY ENHANCER; SMALL MOLECULE REGULATORS; POTENTIAL THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS Many late-onset neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Huntington's are associated with the formation of intracellular aggregates by toxic proteins.
Emerging Research Comment by:
David C. Rubinsztein
Physics BaggerMULTIPLE M2 BRANES; MULTIPLE MEMBRANES; BAGGER-LAMBERT THEORY; GENERAL LIE ALGEBRAS A new type of maximally supersymmetric gauge theory in three dimensions.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Jonathan Bagger & Neil Lambert

Research Front Map titled:
Plant &
Animal Science
PLANT DISEASE RESISTANCE PROTEINS; GENOME-WIDE ANALYSIS; NBS-LRR-ENCODING GENES; FUNCTIONS Understanding the genetic architecture of resistance genes in plants.
New Hot Paper Comment (11/2004) by:
Richard W. Michelmore
MaybergThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.TREATMENT-RESISTANT DEPRESSION DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION; MAJOR DEPRESSION DETERMINED USING PROTON MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY; REWARD CIRCUITRY ALLEVIATES ANHEDONIA The use of continuous deep brain stimulation to modulate subcallosal cingulate activity as a treatment for depression.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Helen S. Mayberg & Andres M. Lozano
Social Sciences,
StokolsTRANSDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH TEAMS; TRANSDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE; TRANSDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION; MULTILEVEL HEALTH DISPARITIES RESEARCH The influence of contextual factors on the effectiveness of transdisciplinary scientific collaboration.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Daniel Stokols, Shalini Misra, Richard Moser, Kara Hall, & Brandie Taylor
Space Science
FEATURED FRONT with Research Front Map : "LAYERED SUPER-
HosonoThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.IRON-BASED LAYERED SUPERCONDUCTORS; IRON-BASED F-DOPED LAYERED QUATERNARY COMPOUND; FE-BASED LAYERED SUPERCONDUCTOR A new high-Tc superconductor was discovered in a layered iron oxyarsenide compound.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Hideo Hosono


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