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Hideo Hosono talks with and answers a few questions about this month's Emerging Research Front Paper in the field of Space Science. The author has also sent along images of their work.
Hosono Article: Iron-based layered superconductor La[O1-xFx]FeAs (x=0.05-0.12) with T-c=26 K
Authors: Kamihara, Y;Watanabe, T;Hirano, M;Hosono, H
Journal: J AM CHEM SOC, 130 (11): 3296-+ MAR 19 2008

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Figures and descriptions:

Figure 1:  
Figure 1: Crystal structure of LaFeAsO showing electron-doping to FeAs layer by substitution of oxygen with fluorine.

Figure 2:
Figure 2: Superconducting critical temperature(Tc) vs. F-contents in LaFeAsO. Photo denotes a polycrystalline samples with Tc=26K.

Figure 3:
Figure 3: Research progress in Fe(Ni)-based Superconductors. View larger image (allow time to load). Close new browser window to return to this page.

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