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October 2009

From the database of Essential Science IndicatorsSM, this list of Emerging Research Fronts has been generated by a comparison of the data sets for the current period of July 2003-June 30, 2009, and the previous period of May 2003-April 30, 2009 (sliding 6-year period). Of the 6,583 Research Fronts in the July 2003-June 30, 2009 file, a total of 738 (11%) were new.

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Research Front Name


HEALTHY VEGETARIAN DIET; SOY-BREAST CANCER RELATION; CANCER RISK; REDUCED BREAST CANCER EVENTS From a health and environmental perspective, whether one chooses to be a vegetarian or non-vegetarian can make a difference.
Biology &
MICRORNA ANNOTATION; MICRORNA REGISTRY A comprehensive and searchable database of published miRNA sequences is accessible via a web interface.
ESI Special Topics Interview with:
Sam Griffiths-Jones
(Feb. 2007)
Chemistry SHELX system The development of the SHELX system of computer programs from SHELX-76 to the present day.
OVERWEIGHT; OBESITY; PREVALENCE; US CHILDREN The prevalence of overweight among children and adolescents and obesity among men increased significantly during the period 1999 to 2004.
MOLECULAR DOCKING USING POLYNOMIAL EMPIRICAL SCORING FUNCTIONS; DRUG DISCOVERY; MOLECULAR RECOGNITION MODELS Ligand energetic modeling, ring flexibility, and knowledge-based search using Surflex.
Economics &
CADAVERIC ORGAN DONATION; POTENTIAL ORGAN DONORS; PRESUMED CONSENT LEGISLATION; CROSS-COUNTRY STUDY The performance of organ-procurement organizations can be assessed through the comparison of the number of actual donors with the number of potential donors.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Ellen Sheehy
Engineering IMPEDANCE SPECTROSCOPY; PROBING BIOMOLECULAR INTERACTIONS; IMPEDIMETRIC IMMUNOSENSOR; RAPID BIOMOLECULAR SCREENING Impedance spectroscopy allows analysis of interfacial changes originating from biorecognition events at electrode surfaces.
ISOLATING MICROSATELLITE DNA LOCI; MICROSATELLITE REPEAT ARRAYS; LOCUS-SPECIFIC PRIMER DESIGN; PATERNITY ASSIGNMENT Genotypes are frequently used to identify parentage, but such analysis is notoriously vulnerable to genotyping error.
Geosciences Paul SpudichThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.COMMERCIAL ROTATIONAL MOTIONS SENSOR; ROTATIONAL GROUND-MOTION MEASUREMENTS; COMMERCIAL ROTATIONAL SEISMOMETERS Rotational observations might provide an important source of new information for monitoring seismicity in volcanic areas.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Paul Spudich & Jon B. Fletcher
Immunology MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS; MEDICAL PROGRESS; IMMUNOLOGY; PLAQUE; PATHOGENESIS MS is not just a disease of the immune system, but other factors contributed by the central nervous system are equally important.
WJ. ParakThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.WATER SOLUBLE NANOCRYSTALS; AMPHIPHILIC POLYMER SHELL; HYDROPHOBIC NANOCRYSTALS COATED; NONAGGREGATED NANOCRYSTALS Colloidal nanoparticles have the potential for use in many different disciplines ranging from electronics to the life sciences.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Wolfgang J. Parak & Liberato Manna
Mathematics Ralf MetzlerCONTINUOUS-TIME RANDOM WALKS; INFINITE MEAN WAITING TIMES; LIMIT THEOREMS; FRACTIONAL DYNAMICS; ANOMALOUS TRANSPORT Fractional and anomalous dynamics has experienced an upswing during the past few years and has been forged into a mature framework in the theory of stochastic processes.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Ralf Metzler & Joseph Klafter
Microbiology NEUTROPHIL EXTRACELLULAR TRAPS KILL BACTERIA; PLATELET TLR4 ACTIVATES NEUTROPHIL EXTRACELLULAR TRAPS; SEPTIC BLOOD Neutrophil extracellular traps appear to be a form of innate response that binds microorganisms, prevents them from spreading, and ensures a high local concentration of antimicrobial agents to degrade virulence factors and kill bacteria.
Molecular Biology
& Genetics
Michael B. KastanCELL-CYCLE CHECKPOINTS-CANCER ASSOCIATION; DNA DAMAGE; S PHASE Highly conserved DNA-repair and cell-cycle checkpoint pathways allow cells to deal with both endogenous and exogenous sources of DNA damage.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Michael B. Kastan
Neuroscience &
ADDICTION; MEMORY; SHARED NEURAL CIRCUITRY; MOLECULAR MECHANISMS The process of drug addiction shares striking commonalities with neural plasticity associated with natural reward learning and memory.
Pharmacology &
Terry M. AllenThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS; RECENT ADVANCES; PHARMACEUTICAL CARRIERS Drug delivery systems such as lipid- or polymer-based nanoparticles can be designed to improve the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of drugs administered parenterally.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Terry M. Allen & Pieter Cullis
Physics X-RAY ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY USING IFEFFIT; MICROFOCUS SOFT XAS BEAMLINE A software package for the analysis of X-ray absorption spectroscopy data is based on the IFEFFIT library of numerical and XAS algorithms.
Plant &
Animal Science
MOLYBDENUM COFACTOR BIOSYNTHESIS; MOLYBDENUM ENZYMES; SOLID-STATE PROPERTIES; DITHIOLENE COMPLEX-BASED COMPOUNDS Synthetic analogues and reaction systems relevant to the molybdenum and tungsten oxotransferases.
SEXUAL HOMICIDAL YOUTH; HOMICIDAL YOUTH USING VICTIMIZATION; CHILDREN LATER HOMICIDAL; YOUTH ABUSED To study risks for abuse and later homicidal behavior, abused infants and non-abused infants were matched on demographics and examined.
Social Sciences,
INTERNATIONAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY QUESTIONNAIRE (IPAQ) CONCURRENT-CONSTRUCT VALIDITY STUDY The International Physical Activity Questionnaire was developed as an instrument for cross-national monitoring of physical activity and inactivity.
The author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.DIFFUSE GALACTIC CONTINUUM GAMMA RAY EGRET DATA COMPATIBLE MODEL-COSMIC-RAY MEASUREMENTS; COSMIC-RAY PROPAGATION A study of the compatibility of some current models of the diffuse Galactic continuum gamma-rays with Energetic Gamma-Ray Experiment Telescope data.
Emerging Research Comment by:
Andrew W. Strong, Igor V. Moskalenko & Olaf Reimer


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