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Brian Kobilka talks with and answers a few questions about this month's Fast Breaking Paper in the field of Biology & Biochemistry. The author has also sent along images of their work.
Brian Kobilka Article Title: High-resolution crystal structure of an engineered human beta(2)-adrenergic G protein-coupled receptor
Authors: Cherezov, V;Rosenbaum, DM;Hanson, MA;Rasmussen, SGF;Thian, FS;Kobilka, TS;Choi, HJ;Kuhn, P;Weis, WI;Kobilka, BK;Stevens, RC
Journal: SCIENCE

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Figures and descriptions:

Figure 1:  
Figure 1:
Structures of the ß2AR. Crystals of the ß2AR have been grown using two different approaches: (a) Wild-type ß2AR in complex with Fab5 (Rasmussen et al.). (b) Engineered ß2AR-T4-lysozyme fusion protein (described in Rosenbaum et al, and applied in Cherezof et al). Fab5 and T4 lysozyme sever similar functions in these two crystal structures. They both stabilize interactions between TM5 and TM6, and provide additional polar surface area for crystal lattice contacts. TM, transmembrane segment; ICL2, second intracellular loop.

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