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Year 2008

Below is a list of all the interviews for Fast Moving Fronts in the year 2008. All of the author comments below are also listed in the site-wide Author Commentaries listings (available by month/year or alphabetically). View a list of only Fast Moving Fronts Maps--or--view a list from every category within that contains Research Front Maps (sorted by field).

November 2008
  Xiaoyuan Chen - Chemistry
  Andrew E. Derocher; Environment/Ecology
  John R. Hughes - Social Sciences, general
  Nikos K. Logothetis & Brian A. Wandell; Neuroscience & Behavior
  Gerald J. Niemi & Michael E. McDonald; Plant & Animal Science
  Marcia Ory, Patricia Jordan & Terry Bazarre; Agricultural Sciences
  Lourens Poorter; Geosciences
  David Tong; Physics
  Zhonghe Zhou; Multidisciplinary
(Additional interviews/commentaries may be added during Nov./Dec. 2008)

September 2008
  Julia Balogun & Gerry Johnson - Economics & Business
  Wolfgang Baumeister - Microbiology
  Sankar Das Sarma - Physics
  Alisdir R. Fernie - Plant & Animal Science
  Stephen W. Schaeffer - Molecular Biology & Genetics
  S. Joseph Wright - Environment/Ecology
  Haoshen Zhou - Materials Science

July 2008
  Ewan Birney - Computer Science
  Tiziana Borsello - Neurosciences & Behavior
  David Dollar - Economics & Business
  David Lacey & Scott Simonet - Molecular Biology & Genetics
  Yechiel Shai - Microbiology
  Paul E. Stackelberg - Engineering
  Craig Stockwell, Andrew Hendry & Michael Kinnison - Plant & Animal Sciences
  Anna Wu - Agricultural Sciences

May 2008
  Julie Ahringer - Molecular Biology & Genetics 
  Sara Burt - Agricultural Sciences
  Andrew J. Cherlin - Social Sciences, general
  Sally S. Dickerson & Margaret E. Kemeny  - Psychiatry/Psychology (from Sept. 2005)
  Santiago Esplugas - Environment/Ecology
  Holger Frey - Pharmacology/Toxicology
  Tomas Ganz - Immunology
  David P. MacKinnon - Economics & Business
  Jill Mesirov & Eric Lander - Computer Science
  Oleg B. Shchekin - Engineering
  King-Ning Tu - Materials Science

March 2008
  Scott W. Altmann - Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Dale E. Bauman - Agricultural Sciences
  Daniela Calzetti - Space Science
  Kate B. Carey & Brian Borsari - Psychiatry/Psychology
  Alexander H.D. Cheng - Mathematics
  Jaïrton Dupont - Materials Science
  John F. Gunion & Radovan Dermisek - Physics
  Majid M. Khodier - Computer Sciences
  Markku Kulmala - Environment/Ecology
  Peter Parham - Immunology


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