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Below is a list of all the interviews for new Hot Papers in the year 2008. All of the author comments below are also listed in the site-wide Author Commentaries listings (available by month/year or alphabetically).

November 2008
  Bradley E. Bernstein; Molecular Biology & Genetics
  Stuart A. Cunningham; Geosciences
  Bruce Logan; Environment/Ecology
  Ian Mackenzie; Neuroscience & Behavior
  JoAnn Manson; Clinical Medicine
  Walter Neupert & Johannes M. Herrmann; Biology & Biochemistry
  Ghislain Opdenakker; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hollis A. Skaife; Economics & Business
  Patrick Wincker; Plant & Animal Science
(Additional interviews/commentaries may be added during Nov./Dec. 2008)

September 2008
  Avinash Kumar Agarwal; Engineering
  Donald E. Cutlip; Clinical Medicine
  Chuong B. Do; Computer Science
  Robert J. Lefkowitz; Biology & Biochemistry
  Edward A. McKenzie; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Xavier Obradors & Teresa Puig;; Materials Science
  Lyman Page; Space Science
  Kerstin Lindblad-Toh; Molecular Biology & Genetics

July 2008
  Luca Amendola; Physics
  Wolfgang H. Binder; Chemistry
  Olaf R. P. Bininda-Emonds; Multidisciplinary
  Laurie Garrett; Social Sciences, general
  Ji-Huan He; Mathematics
  Philippe Horvath; Microbiology
  Anton M. Scheulhammer; Environment/Ecology
  Solene Turquety; Geosciences
  Wei Hua Wang; Materials Science

May 2008
  David I. Auerbach; Social Sciences, general
  Tracy T. Batchelor, Gregory A. Sorensen and Rakesh K. Jain; Biology & Biochemistry
  Jonathan M. Borwein; Mathematics
  Don E. Canfield; Geosciences
  Robin L. Graham; Agricultural Sciences
  Caren C. Helbing; Plant & Animal Science
  James Hudson & Ron Kessler; Neuroscience & Behavior
  Henry A. Nasrallah; Psychiatry/Psychology

March 2008
  Adrian Constantin; Mathematics
  Linhong Deng; Materials Science
  Davood Domiri Ganji; Engineering
  Michael P. Murphy & Robin A. J. Smith; Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Matej Oresic; Computer Science
  Russel J. Reiter; Biology & Biochemistry
  Alex Rialp, Josep Rialp, & Gary A. Knight; Economics & Business
  Henry L. Roediger and Jeff Karpicke; Psychiatry/Psychology
  David N. Spergel; Space Science
  Bruce Tomblin; Social Sciences, general
  Anthony Westerling; Geosciences


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