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Hot Paper in Biology

"High-resolution profiling of histone methylations in the human genome," by Artem Barski and 8 others, Cell, 364(54): 823-37, 18 May 2007.

[Authors' affiliations: NHLBI, NIH, Bethesda, MD; University of California, Los Angeles]

Abstract: "Histone modifications are implicated in influencing gene expression. We have generated high-resolution maps for the genome-wide distribution of 20 histone lysine and arginine methylations as well as histone variant H2A.Z, RNA polymerase II, and the insulator binding protein CTCF across the human genome using the Solexa 1G sequencing technology. Typical patterns of histone methylations exhibited at promoters, insulators, enhancers, and transcribed regions are identified. The monomethylations of H3K27, H3K9, H4K20, H3K79, and H2BK5 are all linked to gene activation, whereas trimethylations of H3K27, H3K9, and H3K79 are linked to repression. H2A.Z associates with functional regulatory elements, and CTCF marks boundaries of histone methylation domains. Chromosome banding patterns are correlated with unique patterns of histone modifications. Chromosome breakpoints detected in T cell cancers frequently reside in chromatin regions associated with H3K4 methylations. Our data provide new insights into the function of histone methylation and chromatin organization in genome function."

This 2007 report from Cell was cited 54 times in current journal articles indexed by Clarivate Analytics during January-February 2009. During that two-month period, only two other biology papers published in the last two years, excluding reviews, attracted higher citation totals. Prior to the most recent bimonthly count, citations to the paper have accrued as follows:

November-December 2008: 50 citations
September-October 2008: 29
July-August 2008: 51
May-June 2008: 29
March-April 2008: 38
January-February 2008: 29
November-December 2007: 21
September-October 2007: 11
July-August 2007: 3

Total citations to date: 315

SOURCE: Hot Papers Database (Included with a subscription to the print newsletter Science Watch®, available from the Research Services Group of Thomson Reuters. Packaged on a CD that is mailed with each Science Watch issue, the Hot Papers Database contains data on hundreds of highly cited papers published during the last two years. User interface permits searching by author, organization, journal, field, and more. Total citations, as well as citations accrued during successive bimonthly periods, can be assessed and graphed. An updated CD containing the most recent bimonthly data is mailed with every new issue of Science Watch, six times a year. The CD also includes an electronic version of the Science Watch issue in HTML format, for personal desktop access.

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