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Week of September 26, 2010

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Of U.S. institutions, those below contributed the greatest number of papers to the field of mathematics over a recent five-year period. Based on each institution's percentage (prior to rounding) of the 140,219 papers published in Thomson Reuters-indexed math journals between 2005 and 2009.

Rank Institution Papers 2005-09 % of field
1 University of California, Berkeley 911 0.65
2 University of Michigan 832 0.59
3 University of Illinois, Urbana 829 0.59
4 Rutgers University 789 0.56
5 Texas A&M University 786 0.56

SOURCE: University/Institutional Science Indicators, 1981-2009. (Deluxe version contains complete listings of publication and citation statistics for U.S. universities/institutions in more than 250 subfields corresponding to subject areas covered in the Web of Knowledge®. Standard version features data covering 22 main fields. Both versions are available from the Research Services Group.)


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