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August 2008 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map. In addition, there are comments from authors who have papers featured in Emerging Research Fronts, Fast-Moving Fronts, New Hot Papers, Fast-Breaking Papers, Current Classics, and Top Topics. Search for an author by year, month, or alphabetically.

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Armstrong August 2008
David L. Armstrong & Lutz Birnbaumer; Calcium ions trigger many of the fundamental cellular processes on which human health depends, but too much calcium is toxic to cells, so cells sequester calcium ions in intracellular organelles and strictly regulate their release. Many proteins are..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Blechert August 2008
Siegfried Blechert & Stephen Connon; "Our paper brought together the leading developments in the field of olefin cross-metathesis up to 2002 in a single article. While experts in the area would have been aware of these advances already, it was our hope that the article could bring..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Bosch August 2008
Xavier Bosch; "Invasive cervical cancer in the majority of countries in the world is still the #1 or #2 cancer in women. Where there is screening activity—the Pap test—the fatalities have dropped significantly, and in these populations it’s typically the sixth or seventh most common cancer in women..."
Special Topic of Human Papillomavirus
Brück August 2008
Wolfgang Brück; "Multiple sclerosis is characterized morphologically by the key features of demyelination, inflammation, gliosis, and axonal damage. In our study, we investigated the occurrence of acute axonal damage determined by immunocytochemistry for amyloid precursor protein (APP) which..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Bruijnzeel The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
Sampurno Bruijnzeel; "...there has been so much debate on the hydrological role of (tropical) forest in recent years that many people have become confused and simply do not know what to believe anymore. The issue is rather complex indeed, in that the effect of deforestation or reforestration..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Dyer August 2008
Jeff Dyer & Harbir Singh; "The main contribution of the "relational view" paper was that it outlined a theory for considering dyads and networks of firms as a key unit of analysis for explaining superior individual firm performance. The strategy field is fundamentally concerned with explaining..."
Featured Paper Interview, August 2008
Richard A. Flavell August 2008
Richard A. Flavell; "T cells orchestrate the development of immune responses. Our findings reveal a regulatory circuit whereby T cell-produced TGF-beta1 controls T cell responses, which can be exploited for the immunotherapy of diseases mediated by T cells..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Gascuel This is a Podcast InterviewAugust 2008
Olivier Gascuel leads a research group at LIRMM-CNRS, Montpellier, France. Here he discusses his work in bioinformatics and comparative genomics. Gascuel has been named a Current Classics scientist (Env./Eco.) for Aug. 2008, and has provided commentary in a Fast Breaking Paper in the same field.
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Geim August 2008
Andre Geim; "Graphene is a single atomic plane of graphite. Graphite is a stack of graphene planes. It’s very important to emphasize that all matter, all materials we knew before this, were and are three-dimensional materials. Even those that were called one- or two-dimensional were..."
The Science Watch® (Print Version) Newsletter Interview
Hanna August 2008
Milford Hanna; "This manuscript reviews the ways vegetable oils and animal fats can be processed for use as mobile fuels with a particular emphasis on the state-of-the-art of the transesterification process, which is the generally accepted method of converting fats and oils to biodiesel today..."
Special Topic of Biofuels
Hevner August 2008
Alan R. Hevner, Salvatore March, Jinsoo Park & Sudha Ram; "The broad impact of the 2004 MISQ paper continues to be strong as researchers in the Information Systems field recognize the value design science brings to a research project. Design science offers an effective means of addressing the..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
August 2008
Bernhard Keller & Idun Reiten; "Our paper contributes to the study of certain systems, called 2- and 3-Calabi-Yau categories, which are of two and three dimensions, respectively. These categories have turned out to be important in a branch of theoretical physics called string theory..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Kleihues August 2008
Paul Kleihues; "It summarizes the current status of brain tumour diagnosis, with major emphasis on surgical pathology and genetic profiles. It contains a concise description of new tumor entities contained in the 4th edition of the WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System, published..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Knothe August 2008
Gerhard Knothe; "This paper summarizes and evaluates several important fuel properties—for example, cetane number, viscosity, and oxidative stability—that are determined by the major components of biodiesel, i.e., alkyl esters of fatty acids. By combining insights on the..."
Special Topic of Biofuels
Brian Kobilka The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
Brian Kobilka; "This paper provides the first high-resolution picture of a hormone-activated G protein-coupled receptor. Crystallization of these membrane proteins is very challenging. The discovery was achieved by the application of several complementary methods. This paper and..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Lanzara August 2008
Alessandra Lanzara; "Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice, has shown great application potential as a host material for next-generation electronic devices, with properties that may exceed current silicon-based technology. For example, electrons in graphene..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Lipinski This is a Podcast InterviewAugust 2008
Christopher Lipinski discusses his 1997 article from Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, "Experimental and Computational Approaches to Estimate Solubility and Permeability in Drug Discovery and Development Settings." Also, read a New Hot Paper comment from Jan. 2006. He also appeared as a Current Classics scientist for Feb. & Apr. 2008.
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Nishida August 2008
Toshisada Nishida; "This paper reports on the number of infants female chimps have in their lifetime, the causes of death, long-term population dynamics, the extent of female transfer, which is influenced by the size and composition of the unit group and size of the overall local community..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Polanczyk August 2008
Guilherme V. Polanczyk and Luis Augusto Rohde; "This study comprehensively addresses the distribution of ADHD around the world, which is essential for estimating the burden associated with the disorder. Moreover, we further studied the sources of variability in prevalence..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Reichstein August 2008
Markus Reichstein; "One big unknown and "final frontier" is what is happening below ground, i.e., in the soil. Soil contains about four times more carbon than the atmosphere, and annual global soil respiration fluxes are, for example, 10-fold higher than human fossil fuel CO2 emissions..."
Featured Scientist Interview, August 2008
M. Santosh The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
M. Santosh; "This paper presents the discovery of a special type of high-grade metamorphic rocks from the northern margin of the North China Craton, within the Inner Mongolia region, carrying mineral assemblages diagnostic of formation under extreme thermal conditions associated with the..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
August 2008
Takashi Shinohara; "This is a complete byproduct of our research on gene targeting experiments using spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs). We first described our long-term culture of SSCs in 2003. These cells, which we named "Germline Stem" (GS) cells, can make sperm in the testis..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Shoelson August 2008
Steven Shoelson; "Obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. Our studies identified a molecular connection between them, which helped show how obesity promotes insulin resistance and diabetes, and also identified a new way of treating diabetes. As a result, in addition to..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
August 2008
Nils Chr. Stenseth; "We demonstrate that climate fluctuations affect the dynamics of populations through how the ways in which individuals within and between different species interact. Furthermore, since we do this within a classical ecology conceptual framework, we brought mainstream"
Emerging Research Front, August 2008
Su August 2008
Bao-Lian Su; "This paper provided a comprehensive study on the synthesis mechanism of highly ordered mesoporous materials. This paper was one of first papers to use a special type of neutral surfactant molecule (polyoxyethylene alkyl ether) as a templating agent to tailor the organization..."
Special Topic of Mesoporous Materials
Teece This is a Podcast InterviewAugust 2008
David Teece is Professor in the Haas School of Business at UC, Berkeley. Here he discusses his concept of “applied industrial organization.” Teece has been named a Current Classics scientist (Eco. & Bus.) for Apr. 2008. Podcast added August 19, 2008.
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Wasternack The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
Claus Wasternack; "This is an invited review on recent aspects of biosynthesis, signal transduction, and the action of jasmonates (JAs) in plant stress responses, growth, and development. JAs became an exponentially growing interest during the last decade due to their role as..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
W. Michael Wood-Vasey The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
W. Michael Wood-Vasey; "Our paper presents the latest observational results on the nature of dark energy and concludes that dark energy appears consistent with an 90-year-old idea of Einstein's, which postulated that space itself had such repulsive energy suitable for counteracting the attractive force of gravity...."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008
Ali Yazdani The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2008
Ali Yazdani; "The paper described both a new methodology for studying superconductivity and an important new finding. Specifically, the paper shows how the superconducting state forms, starting with small nanoscale patches with superconducting-like..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008


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