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Year: 2009 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map. In addition, there are comments from authors who have papers featured in Emerging Research Front, Fast-Moving Front, New Hot Paper, Fast-Breaking Papers, Current Classics, and Top Topics. Many interviews and comments include images of the authors’ work featured in their papers. You can also sort alphabetically (all years). 

2009: December (click month for interview descriptions)
  David T. Felson; Emerging Research Front
  Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli; Fast Breaking Paper
Peter Hänggi & Fabio Marchesoni; Fast Breaking Paper
Robert Hijmans - Special Topic of Climate Change
  Liisa Holm; Fast Breaking Paper
  Oliver D. Howes; Fast Breaking Paper
  Kimoon Kim; Emerging Research Front
  Masayasu Kojima & Kenji Kangawa; Featured Paper
  Eiki Kominami - Special Topic of Autophagy
  Loet Leydesdorff & Ismael Rafols; Fast Breaking Paper
  Angus S. Murphy; Fast Breaking Paper
  Stephen Nickell; Emerging Research Front
  Mark Pagel; Emerging Research Front
  Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics; Featured Journal
  Stephanie Seminara; Podcast
Patrice Simon & Yury Gogotsi; Fast Breaking Paper
  Viswanath Venkatesh; Podcast
  Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Featured Institution
  Michael R.H. White; Emerging Research Front
Kin-Lu Wong; Featured Scientist
  Xinhuai Zhao; Fast Breaking Paper
Guangyong Zou; Emerging Research Front

2009: November (click month for interview descriptions)
  Miguel Araújo; Special Topic of Climate Change
  Gustavo Bruzual & Stéphane Charlot; Fast Moving Front
  Philip C. Calder; New Hot Papers
  Lorenzo Cerretani; Featured Scientist
  Patrice Codogno; Special Topic of Autophagy
  David L. Collinson; Fast Moving Front
  Amy L. Davidson; New Hot Paper
  Robert Freedman; New Hot Paper
  Forest Pathology; Journal
  Alex Guenther; Fast Moving Front
  Bridget Hamre; Fast Moving Front
  Joshua Heazlewood; Fast Moving Front
  Judy Illes & Eric Racine; Fast Moving Front
  Thomas V. Inglesby; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Ronald L. Klueh; Fast Moving Front
  Zhenfeng LiuZhenfeng Liu; Podcast
  Andrew A. Meharg; Fast Moving Front
  Jan Nedergaard; Fast Moving Front
  Roza I. Nurieva & Chen Dong; Fast Moving Front
  Krzysztof Palczewski; Featured Paper
  Peter Palese; Special Topic of H1N1 Flu
  Steven Phillips, Rob Anderson, & Rob Schapire; Special Topic of Climate Change
  Adam G. Riess; Podcast
  Christian C. Ruff; Fast Moving Front
  Patrik Schmuki; New Hot Papers
  Hans R. Schöler; New Hot Paper
  John D. Storey; Fast Moving Front
  Maureen Storey; Fast Moving Front
  Rolf-Detlef Treede & Troels Staehelin Jensen; New Hot Papers
  Oleg V.Yazyev; Fast Moving Front

2009: October (click month for interview descriptions)
  Terry M. Allen & Pieter Cullis; Emerging Research Front
  Tim Behrens; Featured Scientist
  Pengcheng Dai; Podcast
  Jaume FlexasFast Breaking Paper
  Journal of Physical Chemistry C; Featured Journal
  Michael B. Kastan; Emerging Research Fronts
  Kazutaka Katoh; Fast Breaking Paper
  Daniel Klionsky; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Eiichiro Komatsu; Fast Breaking Papers
  Wolfgang J. Parak & Liberato Manna; Emerging Research Front
  Ralf Metzler & Joseph Klafter; Emerging Research Front
  Oliver C. Mullins & Alan G. Marshall; Fast Breaking Paper
  Terrance Odean; Fast Breaking Paper
  Sonia Ramos; Fast Breaking Paper
  Marc A. Rosen, Ibrahim Dincer & Mehmet Kanoglu; Fast Breaking Paper
  Ellen Sheehy; Emerging Research Front
  Paul Spudich & Jon B. Fletcher; Emerging Research Front
  Richard Stadler; Featured Paper
  Andrew W. Strong, Igor V. Moskalenko & Olaf Reimer; Emerging Research Front
  Isei Tanida; Special Topic of Autophagy
  Alan Thompson; Podcast
  Hongcai Joe Zhou; Fast Breaking Paper
  Paul Spudich & Jon B. Fletcher; Emerging Research Front

2009: September (click month for interview descriptions)
  Françoise Bachelerie; Fast Moving Front
  Nicola Bellomo, Philip K. Maini & Natasha Li Martin; New Hot Paper
  Deborah Carr; Fast Moving Front
  Michael Corballis & Thomas Suddendorf; New Hot Paper
  Scott M. Croom; Fast Moving Front
  Richard H. Cyburt; Podcast
  James N. Druckman; Fast Moving Front
  Stephen J. Elledge & Abraham L. Brass; Fast Moving Front
  Jorge E. Galan; Fast Moving Front
  Constance Hammen; New Hot Paper
  Janet G. Hering; Podcast
  Aapo Hyvarinen; Featured Paper
  Kyoung-jae Kim; Fast Moving Front
  Daniel Klionsky; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Chryssa Kouveliotou; Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
  Sudhir Kumar; New Hot Paper
  Werner A. Kurz; New Hot Paper
  Kevin D. Lafferty; Fast Moving Front
  Sendurai A. Mani & Robert A. Weinberg; New Hot Paper
  Lane W. Martin; New Hot Paper
  Rana Munns & Mark Tester; New Hot Paper
  Yoshinori Ohsumi; Special Topic of Autophagy
  Markus Rapp; summer echoes; Fast Moving Front
  Philip Raskin; Special Topic of  Diabetes
  David Relman; Featured Scientist
  Dustin R. Rubenstein & Keith A. Hobson; Fast Moving Front
  J. Evan Sadler; Fast Moving Front
  William Shieh; Fast Moving Front
  Ana Soto; Special Topic of Bisphenol A (BPA)
  Jun Tian; Fast Moving Front
  David Whetten; New Hot Paper

2009: August (click month for interview descriptions)
  Peter J. Barnes; Fast Breaking Paper
  Clifton E. Barry, III; ; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Joshua Bloom; Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
  Antonia Calafat; Special Topic of Bisphenol A (BPA)
  David Cardwell; Special Topic of High-Temperature Superconductors
  Marcus S. Cooke; Emerging Research Front
  Mark Cooper; Special Topic of  Diabetes
  Hong Ding; Fast Breaking Paper
  Mohammad Reza Ganjali; Fast Breaking Paper
  Saji N. Hameed & Toshio Yamagata; Emerging Research Front
  Randy Jirtle; Special Topic of Epigenetics
  Rex E. Jung & Richard J. Haier; Fast Breaking Paper
  Anne Kahru; Fast Breaking Paper
  Chang-Yong Lee; Emerging Research Front
  Peter X. Ma; Fast Breaking Paper
  Noboru Mizushima; Special Topic of Autophagy
  Danny Porath; Podcast
  N. Ravishankar & Aditi Halder; Emerging Research Front
  Dirk Schübeler; Podcast
  Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer; Emerging Research Front
  Glenn A. Waychunas; Emerging Research Front
  Tristram O. West; Emerging Research Front
  Terrie Williams; Featured Scientist
  Zhihong Xu; Fast Breaking Paper

2009: July (click month for interview descriptions)
  Nader G. Abraham & Attallah Kappas; New Hot Paper
  Nick Barker; Fast Moving Front
  Geoffrey Burnstock & Vera Ralevic; Podcast
  Francis S. Collins: Twenty Years of Citation Blockbusters
  Dale Frail; Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
  Werner Hacke; New Hot Paper
  Douglas Hanahan & Robert Weinberg; Podcast
  Kosuke Imai, Gary King, & Elizabeth Stuart; New Hot Paper
  Mikkel Jørgensen; New Hot Paper
  Norbert Krause; New Hot Paper
  Dora M. Kovacs; Fast Moving Front
  Baerbel-Maria Kurth; New Hot Paper
  Jianjun Li; Fast Moving Fronts
  Benjamin List; Fast Moving Fronts
  George Luther III; Featured Scientist
  Paola Marigo; New Hot Paper
  Andrew Mathews & Colin MacLeod; New Hot Paper
  David Nathan; Special Topic of Diabetes
  Ingrid Repins; New Hot Paper
  Jörg Rieskamp; Fast Moving Front
  David Rubinsztein; Special Topic of Autophagy
  Lawrence R. Schaeffer; Fast Moving Front
  Donald Schneider; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Santiago Schnell; Fast Moving Front
  Martin Alexander Schwartz; Fast Moving Front
  Takashi Uemura & Susumu Kitagawa; Fast Moving Front
  Eric Van Cutsem; New Hot Paper
  Paul van Helden; Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
  Peidong Yang; Featured Paper

2009: June (click month for interview descriptions)
  Bo Ahrén; Special Topic of  Diabetes
  Dario C. Altieri; Emerging Research Front
  Peter Andersen; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Lawrence W. Barsalou; Fast Breaking Paper
  Wei Chen; Fast Breaking Paper
  Mehrorang Ghaedi; Fast Breaking Paper
  Paul A. Insel; Fast Breaking Paper
  Jan Åke Jönsson; Featured Scientist
  Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation; Featured Journal
  JoAnn Manson; Special Topic of Diabetes
  Johnny L. Matson; Fast Breaking Paper
  Peter Mészáros; Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
  Ziad Nasreddine & Howard Chertkow; Emerging Research Front
  Ümit Özgür; Emerging Research Front
  Joel R. Primack & Brandon Allgood; Emerging Research Front
  David Sheehan; Podcast
  Sakari Uppala; Podcast
  Vladislav Vyshemirsky; Fast Breaking Paper
  Shinya Yamanaka; Featured Paper
  Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Algimantas Zakarevicius, & Jurgita Antucheviciene; Fast Breaking Paper
  Zoological Society of San Diego, Part 2; Featured Institution

2009: May (click month for interview descriptions)
  Sigal Barsade; Fast Moving Front
  Fred Berger & Pauline Jullien; Special Topic of Epigenetics
  Edward M. Callaway; Fast Moving Fronts
  Kam Wing Chan; Fast Moving Fronts
  Armando Gil De Paz; GALEX
  Xiaofei He; Special Topic of Face Recognition
  Taekyun Kim; New Hot Paper
  Amit Goyal; Special Topic of High-Temperature Superconductors
  Michael R. Ladisch; Fast Moving Front
  Beth Levine & Guido Kroemer; New Hot Paper
  Zheng-Xiang Li; New Hot Paper
  Benjamin List; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Florencio López de Silanes Molina; Podcast
  Jon O. Lundberg; New Hot Paper
  Francis J. McMahon; New Hot Paper
  Danny Miller; New Hot Paper
  Antje M. Moffat; carbon flux
  Nazim Muradov; Fast Moving Front
  Mario Raviglione; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa; Featured Scientist
  Richard Thomson; Fast Moving Front
  Thought Leaders in the Unthinkable; Science Watch® Newsletter Analysis
  Erick Turner; Featured Paper
  Jian Wu; New Hot Paper
  Masaki Yoshio; Fast Moving Front
  Zoological Society of San Diego

2009: April (click month for interview descriptions)
  Michael Barnett; Podcast
  Roland Brosch; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Joseph L. Evans; Fast Breaking Paper
  Daniel G. Gibson; Fast Breaking Paper
  John R. Hauser, Gerhard J. Tellis, & Abbie Griffin; Fast Breaking Paper
  Joachim Holtz; Emerging Research Front
  M. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez; Fast Breaking Paper
  Mario Juric; Fast Breaking Paper
  Eugenia Kumacheva & Zhihong Nie; Fast Breaking Paper
  Serafim Opricovic & Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng; Emerging Research Front
  Geoffrey Alan Ozin; Emerging Research Fronts
  Jonathon Phillips; Special Topic of Face Recognition
  Gail Prins; Special Topic of Epigenetics
  François Rousset; Fast Breaking Paper
  David M. Smith; Emerging Research Front
  Stevo Stevic;  Fast Breaking Paper
  Nir Tessler; Featured Scientist
  Claes Thelander; Fast Breaking Paper
  Vadose Zone Journal; Featured Journal
  Barry Wanner & Kirill Datsenko; Featured Paper
  Emil Wolf; Emerging Research Front
  Jeff Wood; Fast Breaking Paper
  Koji Yamanaka & Don W. Cleveland; Fast Breaking Paper
  Taesang Yoo; Fast Breaking Paper

2009: March (click month for interview descriptions)
  Saeid Abbasbandy; New Hot Paper
  Martine P. Bos; New Hot Paper
  Yuguang Chen & Louis J. Durlofsky; New Hot Paper
  Kuo-Chen Chou; New Hot Paper
  Stewart Cole; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Lillian T. Eby; Fast Moving Front
  Motohiko Ezawa; Special Topic of Graphene
  Hayley J. Fowler & Marie Ekström; Fast Moving Front
  Harald Giessen & Na Liu; New Hot Paper
  Anthony Greenwald; Featured Paper
  Tao Han, Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya, Kai Wang & Zongguo Si; Fast Moving Front
  Lauri A. Hicks; New Hot Paper
  Jim Kaput; Fast Moving Front
  Chao-Lin Kuo; ACBAR
  Rudolf Jaenisch; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Heidi Malm; New Hot Paper
  Greg S. Martin; Fast Moving Front
  Stephen Neidle; Featured Scientist
  Masaya Notomi; Special Topic of Photonic Crystals
  Ralph S. Quatrano; Fast Moving Front
  Paul Romatschke; New Hot Paper
  Michael Skinner; Special Topic of Epigenetics
  Claudiu T. Supuran; New Hot Paper
  Michael Tymianski; Fast Moving Front
  Peide D.Ye; New Hot Paper

2009: February (click month for interview descriptions)
  Ian F. Akyildiz, & Tommaso Melodia; Fast Breaking Paper
  Regina G. Belz; Fast Breaking Paper
  Ewan Birney; Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
  Rob W. Brooker; Fast Breaking Paper
  Richard C. Chiverrell; Fast Breaking Paper
  Liming Dai; Fast Breaking Paper
  Paul J. DeMott; Emerging Research Front
  Philip J. Devereaux; Fast Breaking Paper
  Ros Eeles; Fast Breaking Paper
  Urs Fischbacher; Fast Breaking Paper
  Stephen Gordon; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Mauro Guillen; Featured Scientist
  F. Ekkehardt Hahn; Fast Breaking Paper
  Pei-Ming Ho, Yosuke Imamura, and Yutaka Matsuo; Fast Breaking Paper
  Rafael Irizarry; Fast Breaking Paper
  Valadi K. Jayaraman, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni, Piyushkumar Mundra, Madhan Kumar, and Krishna Kumar Kandaswamy; Fast Breaking Paper
  Eiichi Kodama; Fast Breaking Paper
  Stuart Lindsay; Emerging Research Front
  Jon M. McClellan; Fast Breaking Paper
  Konstantin Novoselov; Graphene
  Gabriel Nuñez; Emerging Research Front
  Nori Satoh; Fast Breaking Paper
  Keehoon Sohn & Jonathan D. G. Jones; Fast Breaking Paper
  David Spiegelhalter; Featured Paper
  Willem Vos; Special Topic of Photonic Crystals

2009: January (click month for interview descriptions)
  James Boyd; New Hot Paper
  Alexander Brinkman; New Hot Paper
  Zhihong Chen; Special Topic of Graphene
  Christopher Dye; Special Topic of Tuberculosis
  Howard Eichenbaum; New Hot Paper
  Daniel Falush; New Hot Paper
  Afef Fekih; neural networks
  Nathan P. Gillett; Fast Moving Front
  Ove Hoegh-Guldberg; New Hot Paper
  Matthew Guenther; New Hot Paper
  Oded Hod, Gustavo Scuseria, & Veronica Barone; Special Topic of Graphene
  David S. Hibbett; New Hot Paper
  Mia Hubert, Peter Rousseeuw, & Karlien Vanden Branden; Fast Moving Front
  Hiroshi Ito; Fast Moving Front
  John Kjekshus; New Hot Paper
  Kenneth Livak; Podcast
  Luis Liz-Marzan; Fast Moving Front
  G. Alan Marlatt; Special Topic of Underage/College Drinking
  Peter J. Mumby; Fast Moving Front
  Andre Nel; Podcast
  Susumu Noda; Special Topic of Photonic Crystals
  Amy Pinkham & David L. Penn; Fast Moving Front
  Stephen Porcella; Featured Scientist
  Vera Ralevic; Featured Paper
  Ulrich S. Schubert; New Hot Paper
  Russell Taylor & Dan Stoianovici; Fast Moving Front


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