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August 2009 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map. In addition, there are comments from authors who have papers featured in Emerging Research Fronts, Fast-Moving Fronts, New Hot Papers, Fast-Breaking Papers, Current Classics, and Top Topics. Search for an author by year, month, or alphabetically.

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Peter J. Barnes August 2009
Peter J. Barnes; "Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are amongst the most prevalent diseases in the world and both are increasing, especially in developing countries. In both diseases, there is a chronic inflammation that is orchestrated by immune mechanisms..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Clifton E. Barry, III August 2009
Clifton E. Barry, III; "Isoniazid is one of the most important TB drugs. Of the 7.8 million people who get diagnosed with TB, virtually all of them will receive isoniazid. It's a hugely important drug. We had no effort in our lab in that drug. It was an area I was only peripherally interested in. I had read a lot of stuff... "
Special Topic of Tuberculosis
Joshua Bloom August 2009
Joshua Bloom; "In the summer of 1994, I went to work with Ed Fenimore at Los Alamos National Laboratory for my first research project. With astronomy, and with Dr. Fenimore in particular, it's very easy for a young person to catch the research bug: it's a wonderfully vast physical science that we know so little about..."
Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention August 2009
Antonia Calafat; "This manuscript reported the first data on human exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) in the United States. Specifically, our data were the first to confirm that exposure to BPA occurs among a diverse non-occupationally exposed group US adults. Biomonitoring (i.e., measurement of environmental..."
Special Topic of Bisphenol A (BPA)
David Cardwell August 2009
David Cardwell; "I was an undergraduate at the University of Warwick, located in the heart of England. My bachelor degree is in physics, and I remained at Warwick for a Ph.D., on the topic of inelastic gamma-ray scattering (nothing to do with superconductivity!). After that, in 1986, I joined one of the UK’s few remaining..."
Special Topic of High-Temperature Superconductors
Marcus S. Cooke The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Marcus S. Cooke; "The breadth of the topic is a clear strength of the review, it stretches from the description of events at the level of individual nucleobases, via repair and mutation, to the possible role of such damage in disease—right from conception, this was my plan for the review. It is therefore..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Mark Cooper August 2009
Mark Cooper; "I'm an endocrinologist by training, and I've been interested in diabetes and kidney disease since the early 1980s. Then in the late 1980s, several groups suggested that diabetic kidney disease was not only related to high glucose, but also that there may actually be a hemodynamic pathway within..."
Special Topic of Diabetes
Hong Ding The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Hong Ding; "..this paper provided the first convincing experimental evidence of a new type of s-wave pairing symmetry for the newly discovered iron-based high temperature superconductors by observing the Fermi-surface-dependent nodeless superconducting gaps in an optimally doped pnictide using..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Mohammad Reza Ganjali August 2009
Mohammad Reza Ganjali; "This work is the first report on PVC membrane micro-sensor for potentiometric determination of erbium ion in the world. Erbium is one of the lanthanoid members which their selective determination is one of the challenging fields of research. Finding a suitable ionophore which..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Saji N. Hameed August 2009
Saji N. Hameed & Toshio Yamagata; "The discovery of an ocean-atmosphere coupled mode named the "Indian Ocean Dipole mode" (IOD)—Saji NH, et al., "A dipole mode in the tropical Indian Ocean," (Nature 401[6751]: 360-63, Sep 23 1999)—radically changed prevailing paradigms on the role of the Indian Ocean..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Randy Jirtle The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Randy Jirtle; "Both animal experiments and human epidemiological studies demonstrate that maternal nutritional privation during pregnancy is adversely associated with an offspring’s susceptibility to diseases and neurological disorders after birth. Our 2003 Molecular and Cellular Biology paper..."
Special Topic of Epigenetics
Jung The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Rex E. Jung & Richard J. Haier; "For many years, research on the nature of intelligence was mostly limited to psychometric methods. We published the first neuro-imaging study of intelligence in 1988, and it showed intelligence test scores were correlated to regional brain function..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Anne Kahru August 2009
Anne Kahru; " of the first papers that showed that the solubilisation of metal-containing nanoparticles is the key factor in their (aquatic) toxicity. Metal oxide particles do not necessarily have to enter the cells to induce the toxic effects but the solubilised ions will “do the job”. That, of course, does..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Chang-Yong Lee August 2009
Chang-Yong Lee; "Our paper addresses the issue of fast convergence in evolutionary programming, which mostly uses optimization algorithms inspired by biological evolution and natural selection. Fast convergence is an important practical question in the optimization algorithm and there have been many..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Peter X. Ma August 2009
Peter X. Ma; "This paper reviews an important new direction in the fields of biomaterials, drug delivery, and tissue engineering/regenerative medicine. The paper systematically discussed a biomaterial (scaffold) design strategy that mimic extra cellular matrix (ECM) structures and biological activities in the..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009
Noboru Mizushima The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Noboru Mizushima; "I graduated from the School of Medicine at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1991, and finished the internal medicine residency program in 1993. I started my research career with studies on molecular immunology and received a Ph.D. in 1996. After that, I joined Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi’s..."
Special Topic of Autophagy
Danny Porath This is a Podcast InterviewAugust 2009
Danny Porath is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and lead author of the Current Classic Multidisciplinary paper for February, 2009, entitled: "Direct measurement of electrical transport through DNA molecules," NATURE 403[6770]: 635-38, FEB 2000.
Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA
N. Ravishankar August 2009
N. Ravishankar & Aditi Halder; "Our paper addresses a very fundamental problem in nanostructure growth relating to the formation of single-crystalline wires of a high-symmetry material. The problem is one of selecting one crystallographic direction/facet for growth over several equivalent directions/facets..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Dirk Schübeler This is a Podcast InterviewAugust 2009
Dirk Schübeler; "Dirk Schübeler, a Senior Group Leader in Epigenetics at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Schübeler is the lead author of the most-cited paper listed in the Research Front Map titled, "Dna and Rna Sequencing," from Top Topics for April 2009..."
Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA
Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer August 2009
Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer; "The focus of the article is clearly on a synthesis of knowledge and the creation of a new, promising research line. On the one hand, there is cognitive load theory with a strong basis in cognitive and evolutionary psychology. Learning is described as the construction..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Glenn A. Waychunas The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Glenn A. Waychunas; "The paper describes modes of toxin/nutrient collection by nanoparticles, notably by aggregation, which has not been adequately addressed in the literature. Additionally, new data on the growth of nanogoethite particles are shown, suggesting that an aggregation mechanism..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
Tristram O. West August 2009
Tristram O. West; "The paper quantitatively estimates soil carbon sequestration rates following changes in cropland management. Potential changes in soil carbon stocks differ with land management, environmental variables, and across climate regimes. Analyzing existing data from previously..."
Emerging Research Fronts, August 2009
The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.August 2009
Terrie Williams; "My education was initially in medicine. At Rutgers University I switched from Human Physiology to Comparative Exercise Physiology for my Ph.D. when I found that animals were capable of extraordinary feats of athleticism and disease resistance—at least compared to the human animal. What I found most fascinating was that wild mammals, including mink, cheetahs..."
Featured Scientist Interview
Zhihong Xu August 2009
Zhihong Xu; "The paper reports a comprehensive study of both method testing and application in quantifying soil carbon and nutrient pools under different forest management practices, which has not only local implications for sustainable forest management but also international..."
Fast Breaking Papers, August 2009


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