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March 2009 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map. In addition, there are comments from authors who have papers featured in Emerging Research Fronts, Fast-Moving Fronts, New Hot Papers, Fast-Breaking Papers, Current Classics, and Top Topics. Search for an author by year, month, or alphabetically.

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Abbasbandy March 2009
Saeid Abbasbandy; "In this paper, a new and powerful method, i.e., the Homotopy analysis method (HAM) is used for solving a famous differential equation. We show that the solution obtained by an older method like the Adomian decomposition method (ADM), is a special case of the HAM solution..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Bos The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Martine P. Bos; "...our paper is highly cited because it provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of outer membrane (OM) biogenesis in gram-negative bacteria. Most previous reviews dealt with only outer membrane proteins (OMPs), or lipids, or lipoproteins. Also, there has been a lot of progress..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Chen March 2009
Yuguang Chen & Louis J. Durlofsky; "This paper introduced a new class of upscaling methods—local-global upscaling, in which global coarse and local fine-scale flows are solved together. Traditional upscaling methods fall into the category of local methods, which are efficient but lack accuracy due..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Chou The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Kuo-Chen Chou; "The paper did describe several new concepts and methodologies, such as pseudo amino acid composition, or PseAA composition, hybridization of the "higher level" approach with the ab initio approach, ensemble classifier, and how to deal with multiplex proteins which may simultaneously..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Stewart Cole March 2009
Stewart Cole; "I was working on leprosy originally, and there are quite a lot of similarities between the leprosy bacillus and the tuberculosis bacillus. Even in the mid-1980s, there were quite a lot of cases of multi-drug resistant TB, which was becoming a major problem in the industrialized world again..."
Special Topic of Tuberculosis
Eby March 2009
Lillian T. Eby; "This publication discusses what we know about the positive and negative aspects of work and family life, and how the interplay between these two important life domains influence how people feel about their work, careers, and families..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Motohiko Ezawa The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Motohiko Ezawa; "In my paper I have presented many classes of graphene nanoribbons and proposed their systematic classification in terms of the edge shape and the width. Nanoribbons have a wide variety of electronic properties depending on the edge shape and the width. These electronic properties..."
Special Topic of Graphene
Fowler March 2009
Hayley J. Fowler & Marie Ekström; "The paper draws together methodologies from the fields of hydrology and climatology. It is a pragmatic paper where methodologies commonly applied within hydrological research (i.e., regional frequency analysis and extreme value theory) are applied within a climatological framework where..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Left to right: Na Liu & Harald Giessen The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Harald Giessen & Na Liu; "We have described how to manufacture 3D metamaterials with a planar stacking technology which is industry compatible. In principle, a semiconductor electronics lab could use our technology to produce up to 20-layer, 300 mm diameter, sub-100 nm structure..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Anthony Greenwald March 2009
Anthony Greenwald; "I can't think of an occasion in which I have seen so many of my psychologist colleagues pick up a new research method and start to make use of it. Wide adoption of the method was helped because it required no more equipment than a standard desktop computer. I am sure..."
Featured Paper Interview
Han March 2009
Tao Han, Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya, Kai Wang & Zongguo Si; "The paper proposed a unique and clean signal to directly test a neutrino mass generation mechanism at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The tiny mass of neutrinos possesses a deep puzzle for their origin. If the mass generation is..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Hicks March 2009
Lauri A. Hicks; "Streptococcus pneumoniae is a leading infectious cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In 2000, the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7; Prevnar, Wyeth) was introduced into the infant immunization schedule in the U.S., and during the next few years we observed profound..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Rudolf Jaenisch March 2009
Rudolf Jaenisch; "Leading this epigenetic revolution is Rudolf Jaenisch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the last two years, Jaenisch has contributed to a baker's dozen Hot Papers on reprogramming fibroblasts into a pluripotent state comparable to embryonic stem cells..."
Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
Kaput The author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.March 2009
Jim Kaput; "This paper was a call to scientists of many disciplines to collaborate under the banner of nutrigenomics—although the more popular term used now is personalized nutrition. The genesis of this paper was initiated at the 1st Bruce Ames Symposium on Nutritional Genomics..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Chao-Lin Kuo; "The most significant conclusion is that the now standard ingredients in cosmology—dark matter, dark energy, and flat geometry—are here to stay. Just 10 years ago, people were still highly skeptical. ACBAR results exquisitely showed that the current understanding of the Universe is correct..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Malm March 2009
Heidi Malm; " under-prepared we are as a nation/world to address an avian flu pandemic. We can all assert broad claims that we ought to do X or Y, prioritize this or that, but the nitty-gritty details have been barely touched. And they do need to be touched; deeply massaged, in fact. My own.."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Martin March 2009
Greg S. Martin; "Sepsis represents a substantial healthcare burden, and there is limited epidemiologic information about the demography of sepsis or about the temporal changes in its incidence and outcome. We investigated the national epidemiology of sepsis in the United States, with specific examination..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Neidle March 2009
Stephen Neidle; "This paper is the first atomic-level description of the structure formed by folding human telomeric DNA, crystallized in near-physiological conditions. That itself continues to be of interest and is used as a template for the discovery of novel small molecules as Telomere Targeting Agents..."
Featured Scientist Interview
Notomi March 2009
Masaya Notomi; "The concept of photonic crystals, which was introduced in the 1980s, is essentially the photonic analogue of band electrons in solids. A dielectric structure whose refractive index is periodically modulated can exhibit a variety of novel optical properties due to its band nature. Photonic crystals were first..."
Special Topic of Photonic Crystals
Quatrano The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Ralph S. Quatrano; "Our paper opens the exploration of a plant genome, uniquely positioned in the evolutionary ladder of land plants, for analysis of its novel and uncharacterized genes for their role in important traits such as their ability to withstand drought and desiccation..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
Romatschke March 2009
Paul Romatschke; "The value of the viscosity of hot nuclear matter has been widely discussed in the high energy physics community. Our article showed how to extract information about this quantity from experimental data and provided estimates for the value of the viscosity. It describes..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Michael Skinner March 2009
Michael Skinner; "My research focuses on exploring the manner in which different cell types in a tissue interact and communicate to regulate the growth and differentiation of gonads. We were investigating the effects of the environmental compounds on gonadal sex determination and serendipitously..."
Special Topic of Epigenetics
Ramanathan Sowdhamini March 2009
Ramanathan Sowdhamini, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan, Ganesan Pugalenthi, Ke Tang & Govindaraju Archunan; "Our work describes a new methodology, named "regularized least squares classifier" (RLSC), for identification of OBPs and the prediction performance was examined using a leave-one-out cross..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Supuran March 2009
Claudiu T. Supuran; "This is a review article, presenting the state of the art in the field of CA inhibitors and activators, as well as their applications in therapy. It presents diverse methodologies useful in the drug design of different pharmacological agents based on CAIs and CA activators (CAAs)...."
New Hot Paper, March 2009
Tymianski The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.March 2009
Michael Tymianski; "the first strong evidence that excitotoxicity, the process by which the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate causes neuronal cell death in stroke, is not the chief mechanism responsible for anoxic neuronal death. The findings provide mechanistic evidence which demonstrates that treating..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009
March 2009
Peide D.Ye; "While the community is struggling to have high drive current in III-V MOSFETs (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors), this paper demonstrates the pathway using a high-k/InGaAs material system. It uncovers a new MOS material system with high-k as oxide and InGaAs as channel material..."
New Hot Paper, March 2009

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