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September 2009 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map. In addition, there are comments from authors who have papers featured in Emerging Research Fronts, Fast-Moving Fronts, New Hot Papers, Fast-Breaking Papers, Current Classics, and Top Topics. Search for an author by year, month, or alphabetically.

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Françoise Bachelerie September 2009
Françoise Bachelerie; "Chemokines are cytokines that display chemotactic functions and coordinate the homeostatic circulation of leukocytes by binding to G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Dysfunction of the 50 chemokines and 20 receptors identified so far is also implicated in the pathogenesis of many..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Nicola Bellomo September 2009
Nicola Bellomo, Philip K. Maini & Natasha Li Martin; "It is becoming increasingly recognized that mathematical modelling may have an important role to play in many biological systems. In the context of disease, understanding cancer and developing treatment strategies is obviously of great importance..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Deborah Carr The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Deborah Carr; "Obesity is a tremendous social and health problem in the United States today. About 60% of Americans are overweight, and one-third are obese. Although the physical health consequences are widely documented, we still know relatively little about the social and psychological consequences..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Michael Corballis September 2009
Michael Corballis & Thomas Suddendorf; "The idea is that episodic memory provides information for the construction of future plans, rather than serving as a knowledge store. The paper presents memory for events as part of mental time travel, the ability to travel mentally both forwards and backwards in time. This underlies many unique aspects of human consciousness, including an..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Scott M. Croom The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Scott M. Croom; "We now know that all massive galaxies contain super-massive black holes—a million to a billion times the mass of the sun. There is a growing realization that these super-massive black holes play a critical role in the formation and growth of galaxies. When gas is funneled down..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
This is a Podcast InterviewSeptember 2009
Richard H. Cyburt; "Richard H. Cyburt is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics of the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Dr. Cyburt is the lead author of the second-most-cited paper listed..."
Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA
James N. Druckman September 2009
James N. Druckman; "The paper explores the robustness of one of the most influential and widely cited dynamics thought to occur in the course of preference formation: framing effects. The major works on framing effects come from Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, who show that people's preferences..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Stephen J. Elledge The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
 Stephen J. Elledge & Abraham L. Brass; "This was the first systematic analysis of the function of human proteins in the HIV life cycle. Abraham Brass of Massachusetts General Hospital and I, along with our close collaborators, Judy Leiberman and Ramnik Xavier of Harvard Medical School, used..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Jorge E. Galan The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Jorge E. Galan; "One of the most exciting discoveries in the field of bacterial pathogenesis during the last few years has been the finding that many pathogenic or symbiotic bacteria use complex, supramolecular machines to transfer bacterial proteins into eukaryotic cells to modulate their function..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Constance Hammen September 2009
Constance Hammen; "Stress plays a critical role in depression, and is the trigger of depressive responses in the vast majority of cases. However, most people who face stressors do not get depressed, and the article attempts to describe what kinds of stress, what kinds of depression, and what kinds..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Janet G. Hering This is a Podcast InterviewSeptember 2009
Janet G. Hering; "Janet G. Hering is Director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (Eawag) in Dübendorf, Switzerland and is the coauthor of the most cited paper listed in the Research Front Map titled, "Arsenic Water Pollution," from Top Topics for April 2009 from the field of Geosciences..."
Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA
Aapo Hyvarinen The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Aapo Hyvarinen; "In August 1995, I started my Ph.D. at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, in a research group focusing on the method called independent component analysis (ICA). ICA is a statistical method for analyzing multidimensional data, which can find underlying components..."
Featured Paper Interview
Kyoung-jae Kim The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Kyoung-jae Kim; ".This paper represented one of the earliest studies on financial forecasting using support vector machines (SVMs). SVMs are usually applied to engineering problems, such as pattern recognition, but this paper applied SVMs to a financial problem. In addition, this paper compared SVMs..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Daniel Klionsky September 2009
Daniel Klionsky; "'Autophagy' literally means "self-eating," which seems like a particularly gruesome brand of cannibalism. As it turns out, however, we all do it. Just wait long enough between meals and we start to consume our own fat tissue, and if we wait even longer, we start to live off our muscle..."
Science Watch® Newsletter Interview
Chryssa Kouveliotou September 2009
Chryssa Kouveliotou; "I first started working on gamma-ray bursts in 1978 when I was doing my Ph.D. work in Germany, and I used to joke that there were two and a half or three and a half Gamma Ray Burst astronomers at the time, and I was the half. I was just very intrigued by these bursts. They were a brand-new..."
Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts
Sudhir Kumar September 2009
Sudhir Kumar; "In this paper, we have discussed the motivation, design principles and priorities that have shaped the development of the MEGA software. We credit these attributes to be the primary reasons for the extremely high impact of the MEGA software package across a broad range of biological disciplines..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Werner A. Kurz September 2009
Werner A. Kurz; "Our team's publication on the impacts of a mountain pine beetle outbreak on the carbon balance of the forests of British Columbia has received international attention because it highlights the magnitude of the impact and the feedbacks to climate change of a natural..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Kevin D. Lafferty The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Kevin D. Lafferty; "The paper presents new methods and a new perspective for ecology. It also has a simple message: parasites matter to food webs. Food webs form the conceptual background for community ecology but have rarely included parasites. Parasites are consumers that represent half of..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Sendurai A. Mani September 2009
Sendurai A. Mani & Robert A. Weinberg; "Currently, a number of groups are investigating the biology of tumor initiation, invasion, metastasis as well as chemoresistance. Several key factors that regulate these processes have been identified. The aberrant activation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT)..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Lane W. Martin The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Lane W. Martin; "This paper came at a pivotal time for the field of multiferroics. Science magazine had put the field of multiferroics on the Breatkthrough of the Year: Areas to Watch list (Science, 318, 1848-1849 (2007)) for 2008. This designation came at a time when multiferroics had been experiencing more..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Rana Munns September 2009
Rana Munns & Mark Tester; "Salinity is a topic that attracts significant attention in plant science, as it is of both intellectual and applied interest. This review synthesizes thinking based on a sum of 50 years’ experience from the two authors, both of whom have separately published well regarded..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009
Yoshinori Ohsumi September 2009
Yoshinori Ohsumi; "I started graduate school at Tokyo University under the guidance of Professor Kazutomo Imahori. Since the first subject I started to work with was in vitro protein biosynthesis of E. coli, intracellular dynamics of proteins has always been in my mind. From the third grade I..."
Special Topic of Autophagy
Markus Rapp September 2009
Markus Rapp; "The paper reviews our current knowledge regarding polar mesosphere summer echoes whose understanding had bothered the scientific community for more than 20 years. In our review-paper we show that there is now compelling evidence that these radar echoes are direct evidence for ice clouds..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
Philip Raskin September 2009
Philip Raskin; "According to the Special Topics Research Front Map on Insulin Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, the paper "Initiating insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes—a comparison of biphasic and basal insulin analogs" (Raskin P, et al., Diabetes Care 28[2]: 260-5, February 2005) is a key paper...
Special Topic of Diabetes
David Relman September 2009
David Relman; "I was finishing a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford with Stanley Falkow and my plan was to pursue a career in the research basis for microbial pathogenesis and combine that with some clinical care. The only catch was that I had gotten interested in what had started out to be a side project..."
Featured Scientist Interview
Dustin R. Rubenstein The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
Dustin R. Rubenstein & Keith A. Hobson; "The use of stable isotopes, or naturally occurring biogeochemical markers, revolutionized studies of animal movement because it allowed researchers to track movement patterns without having to recapture animals. Our paper reviewed the state of the field..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
J. Evan Sadler The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.September 2009
J. Evan Sadler; "...our paper is highly cited because it provides a useful and relatively simple and useful framework to organize a complex mass of biochemical and clinical data. Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder caused by inherited defects in von Willebrand factor (VWF), which is an enormous..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
William Shieh September 2009
William Shieh; "For the first time in "open access" literature, this paper introduced a novel modulation format which combines two powerful techniques in optical communications, coherent detection, and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM). This new modulation format called coherent optical OFDM..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
 Ana Soto September 2009
Ana Soto; "We developed an assay called E-SCREEN, which we described in Environmental Health Perspectives in 1991, together with the discovery of nonylphenol in plastic. The 1999 paper by Anderson is a comparison of all the tests that existed then for estrogenicity. E-SCREEN was the oldest of all these in vitro..."
Special Topic of Bisphenol A
Jun Tian September 2009
Jun Tian; "Reversible data embedding is a difficult problem. It embeds (or hides) information into a digital content without degrading its perceptual appearance, and has the capability to restore the content to its original, pristine state, bit by bit exactly. The reversibility is the challenging part..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2009
David Whetten September 2009
David Whetten; "Within the field of organizational and managerial studies, cross-cultural research is coming of age. More broadly, leading scholars are increasingly emphasizing the importance of accounting for relevant context effects in mainstream organizational research. My article extends these areas..."
New Hot Papers, September 2009


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