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Commentaries/Interviews for November 2010

Mustafa Balat

"I think this paper is the first most serious review article on bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol has attracted considerable interest..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Lewis Cantley

"Lewis C. Cantley of the Harvard Medical School discusses his research on the enzyme known as phosphoinositide 3-kinase..."
Featured Scientist, November 2010


Claudio Castellano

"The pervasive digital fingerprints of virtually all social activities in our modern world call for this truly interdisciplinary endeavour..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


"Kalyanmoy Deb is the Deva Raj Chair Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur and lead author...".
Podcast Interview November 2010; Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA.


Vojo Deretic

"Autophagy means "self-digestion", and represents a process whereby cells capture portions of their own cytoplasm..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Alessandra Faggian & Philip McCann

"The more highly educated people are and the better universities they attend the more migratory they become..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Andre Geim

"Andre Geim* is the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics. Geim is a Langworthy Research Professor and Director of the.."
Podcast Interview, November 2010; Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA.


James Jackson

"The intellectual puzzle concerns the continents: Why are they so different from the oceans? Why doesn’t plate tectonics..."
Special Topic of Earthquakes, November 2010


Niky Kamran

"The conclusions of our research came as kind of a surprise, because it was thought that the classical orthogonal..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Alexander Kiselev & Fedor Nazarov

"In this paper we introduced a new technique for studying solutions of the surface quasi-geostrophic (SQG) equation. This..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Lisa Levin

"...synthesizes different types of biological research conducted on a relatively recently discovered deep-sea habitat, methane seeps..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Dengke Ma

"This paper reports the molecular requirement of neuronal activity-inducible Gadd45b in epigenetic DNA demethylation in..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Scott B. MacKenzie and Philip Podsakoff

"From the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Scott B. MacKenzie and Philip Podsakoff discuss their paper..."
Podcast Interview, November 2010 ; Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA.


Josep Nogués

"The coupling between two different magnetic materials is one of the components in the device that reads the stored information..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Jamie Peck

"The paper presented a no-holds-barred critique of an influential thesis in urban studies and urban policymaking—that..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Mike Peng

"This article answers the call from the The institution-based view as a third leg for a strategy tripod (“strategy” in short)..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010
(Late Entry: Commentary for Sep. 2010)


Matthias Mann

"The paper describes the first quantitative and proteome-wide study of lysine acetylation, an important post-translational..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Thomas F. Pettigrew

"First, it is the first complete meta-analysis done of this huge research literature. Second, the subject - intergroup contact..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Christopher M. Reddy

"When I graduated from college I actually got a job working for a local company that made chemical standards to calibrate..."
Special Topic of Oil Spills, November 2010


Rafael Rosell

"Lung cancer is the most frequent and lethal tumor in which preventative screening has not yet had a major impact..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Kevin Schawinski

"The paper shows in detail how low-mass galaxies undergo a major burst of star formation (most likely triggered by the merger of..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Tayfun E. Tezduyar

"I think the paper is highly cited because arterial fluid-structure interaction (AFSI) modeling has been popular in recent years..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Lionel Vayssieres

"The major applications are for TCOs as those arrays can be grown directly onto bare glass, thus creating better conducting..."
Featured Paper, November 2010


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