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Commentaries/Interviews for August 2011


Oscar Agertz

"This paper concerned the way in which we simulate the dynamics of astrophysical fluids. So why is this important you may ask..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


Sheena Aurora

"This study demonstrated that injection of onabotulinumtoxinA into the head and neck muscles of chronic migraine patients..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Julie Battilana, Bernard Leca, & Eva Boxenbaum

"Our aim is to strengthen the theoretical foundation of institutional entrepreneurship and thereby help to develop a theory of action..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Catharina Boehme

"...tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases. TB kills approximately 1.8 million people each year..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Josep Call

"I have always been interested in animal behavior in general and animal problem solving in particular.  Most of my work..."
Featured Scientist, August 2011


Gordon H. Copp

"The paper provides a synthesis of: terminology used in the area of aquatic invasions, of patterns of past and current patterns of fish..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


Jeffrey L. Cummings

"The field in general is moving toward earlier and earlier diagnosis. We’ve realized that by the time the patient reaches the..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, August 2011


Alexandre Dmitriev

"The paper describes a methodology – truly versatile self-assembly-based nanofabrication technique that is tolerant to the choice..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


George Elliott

"...the C*-algebra classification could conceivably turn out to be as important as well-known earlier classifications such as..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


Jonathan Lunine

"My research interests center broadly on planetary origin and evolution, in our solar system and around other stars..."
Special Topic of Planetary Exploration, August 2011


Jaheon Kim

"The paper describes and demonstrates the production of MOFs having a huge empty space with very thin walls..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Stefan Kuhr

"The new method and the results presented in our paper open the way to many exciting further studies and have triggered other..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Yuji Matsuzawa

"The syndrome entity named metabolic syndrome were proposed by several groups as an atherogenic syndrome with multiple..."
Special Topic of Metabolic Syndrome, August 2011


John P. Overington, Bissan Al-Lazikani, & Andrew Hopkins

"...current drugs, of which there are around 1500, work therapeutically through about 250-300 distinct molecular targets..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


R. Saidur

"It is felt that a heavier vehicle will consume more energy than a lighter vehicle... weight reduction is associated with energy..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Moshe Semyonov

"...we introduced an analytical model that enabled us to test our theoretical expectations in dynamic terms. It is our hope that..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


Costas Varotsos

"...introduced the following: the global TOZ and global TRT fluctuations in small time-intervals are positively correlated to..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011


Tongqing Zhou

"My paper describes how a new antibody, VRC01, neutralizes >90% of HIV-1 strains. It visualizes the structural basis for broad..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011

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