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All Author Commentaries/Interviews for December 2011 from Clarivate Analytics takes you behind the scenes of highly cited research in these interviews, essays, and rankings featuring researchers in a variety of fields. Author commentaries come from all areas of There are also interviews with authors featured within every Special Topic and corresponding Research Front Map.

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Commentaries/Interviews for December 2011


Kenneth D. Aldape

" of the most dismal of human cancers in terms of patient outcomes. These patients most often die of their disease..."
Special Topic of Glioblastoma, December 2011


Richard P. Allan

"Intense rainfall and its associated consequences are of great importance across a number of disciplines...projections of..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


Hellmut Augustin

"The field of angiogenesis research continues to be among the fastest growing discipline in contemporary biomedical research..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


James Cole

"The paper presented the right tool at the right time, as emerging high-throughput sequencing technologies started to be applied..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


Jean Dénarié

"In this paper we describe the structure and biological activity of compounds, produced by a mycorrhizal fungus, which act as..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2011


Jen-Pierre Després

"What we initially reported is that if you have too much fat in the abdominal cavity, you have the whole constellation of..."
Special Topic of Metabolic Syndrome, December 2011


Joern Fischer

"...we distinguish between a species perspective and a human perspective of human-modified landscapes. Many scientists..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011



"We provided a detailed examination of how climatic variation affects fish and their habitats. We then used the best available..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


Virginia Lee and John Trojanowski

"In our Special Topics analysis of Alzheimer's Disease research over the past decade, the work of Dr. Virginia Lee ranks at #2 by..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, December 2011


Yu-Ming Lin

".. it presents the first demonstration of high-performance graphene transistors, up to a cut-off frequency of 100 GHz, fabricated...."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


Darren Martin

"The program described in the paper implements a variety of new sequence analysis methods but in 95% of cases these are..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2011


Keith Olive

"...we were able to take from the WMAP data for this particular purpose was the density of dark matter in the universe..."
Special Topic of Supersymmetry, December 2011


Pardeep Pall & Myles Allen

"Pardeep Pall & Myles Allen on Modeling Damaging Weather Events; from the field of Geosciences..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2011


Julio Rozas

"...paper describes the version 5 of DnaSP. DnaSP software allows conducting many of the state-of-the-art analyses of DNA..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


Frank Schwierz

"Today's electronics is based on the semiconducting material silicon. For decades the progress in electronics mainly..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011


María Martinón Torres

"We are currently working in a detailed and comprehensive study of the diseases suffered by our ancestors. Palaeopathological..."
Featured Scientist, December 2011


Frank L. van de Veerdonk

"...pattern recognition receptors and pathways that are important for the induction of the Th17 response against Mycobacterium..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2011


Barry J. Zimmerman

"Self-regulation research was designed to discover the cognitive, motivational, and behavioral sources of personal mastery..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011

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