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Commentaries/Interviews for February 2011


G. Paul Amminger

"We show that treatment with a natural substance, without any clinically relevant side effects, may prevent, or at least delay..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Martin Bohner

"The study of dynamic equations brings together the traditional research areas of (ordinary and partial) differential..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011


Xiaohui Fan

"Xiaohui Fan is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory and lead author of the..."
Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA. February 2011


Jerry Glover

"A truly sustainable farm would produce as much as our current high-input farms, require little or no chemical inputs, provide..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Hanspeter Holzhauser

"The natural sensitivity of glaciers to climate change has been exploited to make a contribution to palaeoclimatology in..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011


Audun Jøsang

"The Slashdot reputation system directs and stimulates the massive collaborative effort of moderating thousands of postings every..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011


Lewis Lanier

"Natural killer cells (NK cells) are a component of the immune system important for controlling infections and cancers..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


John Mekalanos

"Vaccination is a big hot issue now, and there’s not a lot of support from those same organizations to make authoritative..."
Special Topic of Cholera, February 2011


John C. Morris

"Identification of preclinical AD requires Alzheimer biomarkers, and the paper combines both imaging biomarkers (notably using..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Juan J. Nieto, Mohammed Belmekki, & Rosana Rodríguez-López

"The paper includes significant updates in the theory of fractional differential equations. We hope that our work will contribute..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Steven Paul

"...most important challenge facing the biopharmaceutical industry today—namely rapidly declining R&D productivity..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Nancy M. Petry

"Those afflicted by substance use disorders are among the most disenfranchised and underprivileged. Incentives for performance..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011


Ian Snape

"There are many tens of thousands of cubic meters of petroleum-contaminated soil in Antarctica. There’ so much that..."
Special Topic of Oil Spills, February 2011


Flemming Videbaek on Brookhaven National Lab's BRAHMS Experiment

"BRAHMS stands for Broad Range Hadron Magnetic Spectrometers. When we were first getting ready to propose an experiment for..."
Special Topic of Hadron Colliders, February 2011


Jörg Vogel

" describe a generic approach to the analysis of organisms, here the full suite of cellular RNAs and precisely where they start."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Xiaowo Wang & Xuegong Zhang

"High-throughput DNA sequencing technologies revolutionarily accelerate molecular biological findings, but there are still..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Qingyou Xia

"Silkworm (Bombyx mori) is not only one of the most economically important insects, but also a best-characterized model..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011


Luping Yu

"...development of a new class of polymer material that exhibits high power conversion efficiency in OPV solar cell. It's a new..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011

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