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Commentaries/Interviews for June 2011


Emmanuel Candes & Michael Wakin

"CS is a new discovery. Of course, there were ideas that led to this discovery, in particular methods for solving inverse problems..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Alexei Cheviakov and Michael Ward

"Our paper contains new results on how to compute times needed for particles to escape from domains with small traps (holes)..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Christine H. Foyer

"The topic of this article has a wide general appeal and interest. Redox metabolism is central to biology and the mechanisms..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Jose J. Gaforio

"We describe new insights into the biological effects of squalene on our health. In particular, their role in preventing breast cancer..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Modjtaba Ghorbani

"My paper contains information about topological property of an infinite class of fullerenes. The area of fullerene chemistry..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Hideshi Kawakami

"Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a fetal disease. The patients without the respiratory support will die in five years..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Andrey V. Kuznetsov

"...problem discussed in the paper is very important and has far-reaching practical consequences. Traffic jams in axonss may..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Ming Li & Wei Zhao

"Two categories of traffic models are utilized in computer science. One is in deterministic modeling, such as the (sigma, ru)..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Ziwei Lin

"Our transport model, which this paper describes in detail, combines for the first time the multiple phases that the matter created..."
Special Topic of Hadron Colliders, June 2011


Tobias Moser

"The field of hair cell synaptic transmission is an exciting and growing one involving a number of excellent groups. Studies..."
Featured Scientist, June 2011


Jenny Ordonez & Peter van Bodegom

"This study is one of the first attempts to link plant traits to measured soil data on a large gradient of soil fertility in..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Matteo Pellegrini

"DNA methylation is known to play an important regulatory role in transcription and DNA methylation. Recently it has become..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


George Perry

"In the late 1970s to the early 1990s, there was a lot of interest in calcium regulating oxidative stress, regulating cytoskeletal..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, June 2011


David Posada

"This paper describes a computer program which helps identifying which model best explains change through time in set of DNA..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


C.T. Russell

"I received my B. Sc. in Physics and Math from Univ. of Toronto in 1964 and my Ph. D. in Planetary and Space Science in 1968..."
Special Topic of Planetary Exploration, June 2011


George Perry

"Mark Smith was Professor of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University as well as Director of Basic Science Research at..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, June 2011


Mannis van Oven

"The paper presents a detailed phylogenetic tree of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), available at the accompanying..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011

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