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Françoise Bachelerie

"Chemokines are cytokines that display chemotactic functions and coordinate the homeostatic circulation of..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Sep. 2009



"Our paper presents the construction of a new highly supersymmetric Lagrangian field theory..."
Emerging Research Front, Dec. 2008


Mustafa Balat

"I think this paper is the first most serious review article on bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol has attracted considerable interest..."
New Hot Papers, November 2010


Terry M. Allen

"The paper is highly cited because it describes a new method in the emerging field of fractional calculus..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Oct. 2008


Terry M. Allen

"The pursuit of nanoscience and nanotechnology is in order to understand..."
Emerging Research Front, Oct. 2008


Terry M. Allen

"The Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2010


"Our paper is highly cited as it fits within several different research conversations..."
Fast Moving Front, Sep. 2008



"MicroRNAs are an important class of molecules only recently uncovered. Most previous..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Apr. 2008


Jason E. Bara, Douglas L. Gin, & Richard D. Noble

"Individually, ionic liquids and CO2 capture have both been very hot areas of research over the past few years..."
New Hot Papers, July 2010



"This is a theoretical paper, and its essence is a model that we proposed to explain the origin of the power laws..."
Featured Paper Interview, Nov. 2008



"The intestine is a popular choice for scientists wanting to study the regulation of tissue renewal because it is the..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Jul. 2009


Peter J. Barnes

"I have always been aware that COPD is a major clinical problem, but I only started to do research into COPD around 10 years ago..."
Special Topic of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Feb. 2010


Peter J. Barnes

"Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are amongst the most prevalent diseases..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Aug. 2009


Michael Barnett

"Senior physicist and educator Michael Barnett is Head of the Particle Data Group at Lawrence Berkeley National..."
Podcast. Listen: MP3|WMA


Till Barnighausen

"Our research suggests that under present conditions it will be extremely difficult to add ART health workers..."
Emerging Research Front, October 2010


Terry M. Allen

"Our paper presents the first calculation, based on screened-hybrid density functional..."
Special Topic of Graphene, Jan. 2009


Dan H. Barouch

"This paper showed that heterologous rAd26/rAd5 and rAd35/rAd5 vaccine regimens expressing SIV Gag afforded..."
New Hot Paper, May 2010


Clifton E. Barry, III

"Isoniazid is one of the most important TB drugs. Of the 7.8 million people who get diagnosed with TB, virtually all... "
Special Topic of Tuberculosis, Aug. 2009



"I think that virtually every gene, at some point in the growth and development of the animal..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Jun. 2008


Geoffrey J. Barton

"The paper describes the latest version of the Jalview multiple sequence alignment editor and analysis workbench..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009


"This paper—by combining cutting-edge imaging..."
New Hot Papers, May 2008.


Julie Battilana, Bernard Leca, & Eva Boxenbaum

"Our aim is to strengthen the theoretical foundation of institutional entrepreneurship and thereby help to develop a theory of action..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Terry M. Allen

"Biofuels are high on the political agenda worldwide. Rocketing oil prices..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Jun. 2008.


"...our article proposes a novel theory to explain the ability of certain diets to elicit changes"
Fast Moving Fronts, Mar. 2008.



"...breakthrough in demonstrating for the first time that cryoelectron (cryo-ET) tomography—an emerging imaging..."
Fast Moving Front, Sep. 2008



"For cancer, our work will be pointed in following the potential, as stated..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Apr. 2008.


J. Fernando Bazan

"The discovery of IL-33 in 2005 (part of a long-standing and productive collaboration with my former..."
Fast Moving Fronts, July 2010


Terry M. Allen

"This paper sets the stage for understanding the processes by which health behavior..."
Fast Moving Front, Nov. 2008


"This paper considered the possibility of combining screen-printed thick-film piezoelectric layers with micromachined silicon..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Nov. 2008



"The paper examines the drastic decline of coastal marine habitats across Europe and calls for regulatory changes to improve..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2011


Andrew Becker. View the complete group image at the University of Washington program summer 2008.

"My interests in Physics and Astronomy were piqued somewhat randomly around 7th-8th grade when I picked..."
Featured Scientist, May 2010


Renata Behra

"There is a general lack of information on the fate and effects of engineered nanoparticles in aquatic systems..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2010


Using probabilistic diffusion tractography (Behrens et al. MRM 2003) we were able to segment the human thalamus on the basis of its connectivity to the cortex (Behrens et al. Nat Neurosci 2003). We propose that the resulting subdivisions correspond to groups of nuclei and have used this approach to produce a probabilistic atlas of the human thalamus based on its cortical connectivity (Johansen-Berg et al. Cereb Cortex 2004). Collaborators: Mark Woolrich, Emma Sillery, Katie Sheehan, Steve Smith, Paul Matthews (Oxford) Alan Thomspon, Olga Cicarelli, Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott, Phil Boulby, Gareth Barker (UCL, London).

"At Oxford I studied information engineering and machine learning for my MEng degree. I was interested in doctoral research..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Oct. 2009


Nicola Bellomo

"It is becoming increasingly recognized that mathematical modelling may..."
New Hot Papers, Sep. 2009



"The paper includes significant updates in the theory of fractional differential equations. We hope that our work will contribute..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011



"The identification and quantification of the individual phenols of virgin olive oil are of great interest because..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Dec. 2008


Robert Benezra

"We don't publish much but it's nice to hear papers we do publish do get cited for whatever reason or sparking at least new thinking..."
Featured Scientist, March 2011



"Process management (the general term for approaches that help organizations focus on more tightly..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Feb. 2008


David A. Bennett

"It’s a cognitive disorder really. If you look at motor dysfunction, the problem is you can find nerves and muscles all over the place. For loss of cognition, you’re really in the..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, September 2011


"...our study clearly showed that the maintenance DNA methyltransferase MET1 is responsible for silencing of..."
Special Topic of Epigenetics, May 2009


Robert G. Bergman

"The manuscript describes elucidation and detailed characterization of a new mechanistic..."
Fast Moving Front, May 2010


Rita Bernabei

"Direct detection of Dark Matter is one of the most exciting and frontier argument of contemporary Physics. It operates in..."
New Hot Papers, September 2011



"The paper describes the development and application of a new sequencing-based technology..."
New Hot Paper, Nov. 2008


Ilya Bezprozvanny & Mark P. Mattson

"...calcium plays major roles in the formation and function of neuronal circuits, including those involved..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010



"The paper on "click"-chemistry in polymer and materials-science provides an overview..."
New Hot Paper, Jul. 2008



"...the paper tells an interesting story with many interesting ingredients in the mix.."
New Hot Paper, Jul. 2008


Terry M. Allen

"Calcium ions trigger many of the fundamental cellular processes on which..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Aug. 2008


"ENCODE was one of a series of projects that followed on the human genome project. At the end of 2003..."
Science Watch® Newsletter Interview, Jan. 2009


" this paper: GeneWise, which predicts gene structure using similar protein sequences, and genomewise..."
Fast Moving Front, Jul. 2008


"Our paper brought together the leading developments in the field of olefin..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008



"The paper catches the wave of exciting new developments in M-theory that have taken place over the last year. M-theory is..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Dec. 2008


"In the summer of 1994, I went to work with Ed Fenimore at Los Alamos National Laboratory for my first research project..."
Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts, Aug. 2009


Terry M. Allen

"This article is likely highly-cited because it provides both a conceptual..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2010



"Biofuels are high on the political agenda worldwide. Rocketing oil prices..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Jun. 2008.


Catharina Boehme

"...tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases. TB kills approximately 1.8 million people each year..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011


Martin Bohner

"The study of dynamic equations brings together the traditional research areas of (ordinary and partial) differential..."
Emerging Research Front, February 2011



"Our current studies involving Paks demonstrate that Pak1 and Pak2 are critical regulators of cell motility..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Oct. 2008


Colombo Bolognesi

"Our paper reported the very first gallium nitride (GaN)-based transistors to show cutoff frequencies exceeding 200 GHz..."
New Hot Papers, January 2012


Nico Boon

"Considering the current global biodiversity crisis, the biodiversity-stability relationship and the effect of biodiversity on..."
Fast Moving Fronts, July 2011



"In 2000 we developed and published in Marine Pollution Bulletin an index of quality—a Marine Biotic Index (AMBI)..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Oct. 2008



"iTOL (for interactive tree of life) is an online resource and tool that allows generation and modification..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2008.


Terry M. Allen

"Our review contributed to the field primarily by synthesizing the empirical literature..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Mar. 2008.



"We believe that this paper is of general interest in the field of neuroscience since it illustrates the death..."
Fast Moving Front, Jul. 2008



"Monotone operators were invented in the early '60s as a way of studying solutions..."
New Hot Papers, May 2008



"...our paper is highly cited because it provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of outer membrane (OM) biogenesis..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2009



"Invasive cervical cancer in the majority of countries in the world is still the #1 or #2 cancer in women..."
Special Topic of Human Papillomavirus, Aug. 2008


Alistair Boxall

"...first publication to look at a broad range of compounds. It was also novel in that it attempted to establish the potential level..."
Emerging Research Front, October 2010


"Our aim is to strengthen the theoretical foundation of institutional entrepreneurship and thereby help to develop a theory of action..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011



"What is happening to nature—are things getting better or worse—and what does that mean for our well-being? This is a..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009


"Stepwise modelling is an objective approach to determining the most robust and supportable set of causal variables to explain..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2012



This was the first report that directly connected an uncoupling function of mitochondrial uncoupling..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Apr. 2008.


Terry M. Allen

"Our paper offers a solution to an important problem in statistics and data analysis..."
Fast Moving Front, Jan. 2009


Terry M. Allen

"This was the first systematic analysis of the function of human proteins in the HIV life cycle..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Sep. 2009


Anthropomorphic phantom used to measure dose from CT scans.

"In the US, the average radiation dose to which we are exposed has doubled in the past 30 years. The average dose..."
Featured Paper Interview, Mar. 2010


David A. Brent

"Suicidal events in the treatment of adolescent depression occur early in treatment, are more common in those who..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2010


Dan Brett

"Reducing the operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), while maintaining comparable performance..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010


Hans Briegel

"Quantum computation uses the fundamental properties of quantum systems, such as atoms, or photons..."
Special Topic of Quantum Computers, Aug. 2010


"The paper describes the major discoveries in the study of heuristics, and presents a new explanation for why heuristics..."
New Hot Papers, January 2012



"The paper focuses on facilitative (i.e., beneficial) plant-plant interactions. Over the last 10 to 15 years, this topic..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Feb. 2009


Roland Brosch

"Tuberculosis has had a huge impact on human history, and continues to claim millions of lives at the beginning..."
Special Topic of Tuberculosis, Apr. 2009


Robert Brown

"The paper describes a genetic mutation that can cause ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease)..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2010



"Multiple sclerosis is characterized morphologically by the key features of demyelination..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008



"...there has been so much debate on the hydrological role of (tropical) forest in recent years..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008


Garry Bruton

"My research is now focusing on poverty and how entrepreneurship can help to solve the issues of poverty, particularly for those..."
Featured Scientist, February 2011


"Our paper provides the interested users with a tool to interpret the spectral energy distributions..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Nov. 2009


Edward Bullmore

"I think the paper has been well cited because it was one of the first event-related fMRI studies to show effects of depression..."
Emerging Research Front, Apr. 2010


Roland Burgmann

"This paper and a number of subsequent ones arose from a well timed sabbatical visit at MIT just when the Izmit earthquake..."
Special Topic of Earthquakes, October 2010



"This paper was the first meta-analysis—or quantitative summary—of the research on motivational interviewing (MI)..."
Special Topic of Underage/College Drinking, Nov. 2008


Geoffrey Burnstock

Geoffrey Burnstock & Vera Ralevic talk about their Current Classic paper in the field of Pharmacology for Feb., 2009.
Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA



Sara Burt discusses her current work on the antibacterial properties of essential oils obtained from plants.
Podcast, Jun. 2008. Listen to Podcast: MP3 ¦ WMA



"My review bundled the current knowledge on the antibacterial properties of edible volatile oils (essential oils)..."
Fast Moving Fronts, May 2008.


John B. Buse

"If you’re looking for a place to cheer yourself up after reading the latest economic news, Science Watch does not recommend..."
Featured Scientist, November 2011


Wit Busza

"When I heard that RHIC was going to be constructed in the 1980s, I did some semi-analytical work trying to see what one..."
Special Topic of Hadron Colliders, April 2011


John M. Butler

"Given the parade of such reliably sensational spectacles as the trial of O.J. Simpson in 1995 or the recent proceedings involving the murder conviction of American student Amanda..."
Featured Scientist, September 2011


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