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Alessandra Faggian & Philip McCann

"The more highly educated people are and the better universities they attend the more migratory they become..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010



"It is very important that people continue to work on non-model, non-medical organisms, and that we have a fuller picture..."
New Hot Paper, January 2009



"This paper dealt with the optimal condition for a frequency-selective transfer between two waveguides..."
Special Topic of Photonic Crystals, December 2008


Xiaohui Fan

"Our work established that the universe went through a very rapid transition at about or slightly before one billion..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010


Xiaosheng Fang

"This paper was the first to provide a systematic and comprehensive investigation of the ‘synthesis-property-application’ triangle for..."
New Hot Papers, January 2012


Despo Fatta-Kassinos

"Over the past several years, pharmaceuticals are considered as an emerging environmental..."
Fast Breaking Papers, February 2010

Andrew Feinberg

Andrew Feinberg from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA, discusses his 2007 NATURE paper..."
Featured Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA. September 2010.



"This paper describes a new structure of partially connected neural networks for real–time residual generation in nonlinear systems..."
New Hot Paper, January 2009



"This paper describes a new discovery. Briefly, in the absence of GA, GA pathway negative regulator DELLA..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2008


Xinliang Feng

"Graphene is a material that has generated enormous research interest for its unique electrical properties and its potential..."
New Hot Papers, January 2011


Peter Ferdinandy

"Our review paper describes a synthesis of knowledge which accumulated over the past decade..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2008


Elias Fereres (left) and Mario Salinas inspect dataloggers and associated equipment that were used to record daily trunk growth.

"I believe that there are two primary reasons. First, the paper provides a background for a variety of research..."
Fast Moving Front, January 2010


D.M. Fergusson

"The paper extends and synthesises existing knowledge by using data gathered over a 25 year study to explore the linkages..."
Fast Moving Fronts, March 2011


"Fruit and leaf material was harvested at different developmental stages and its chemical composition..."
Fast Moving Front, September 2008



"The pursuit of nanoscience and nanotechnology is in order to understand..."
Emerging Research Front, October 2008



"The ultimate goal is to understand why migraine patients get attacks. Why are they completely normal and..."
(Archived) Special Topic of Migraine & Other Vascular Headaches, April 2008


Michael S. Filigenzi

"The work done by my co-workers and I on the analysis of melamine came in response to the pet food poisoning..."
Fast Breaking Papers, February 2010



"In this paper, we assessed the effect of interferon beta-1a on the occurrence of relapses in patients after the first clinical..."
Special Topic of Multiple Sclerosis


Steven Finkbeiner

"Abnormal intracellular and extracellular protein deposits in the brain are pathological hallmarks of major neurodegenerative..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2010



"a free software, that I developed, which is used to program and to conduct behavioral—and in particular economic..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2009


Kate Fitzgerald

"Innate immunity—immunity that occurs naturally as a result of a person's genetic constitution or physiology..."
Fast Moving Front, January 2010


Richard A. Flavell

"T cells orchestrate the development of immune responses. Our findings reveal a regulatory..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2008


Katherine Flegal

"We’re not counting the number of different deaths in different categories, we’re predicting the number of..."
Special Topic of Obesity, September 2010



"Our paper has been highly cited because we published some unique observations of earthquake-induced..."
Emerging Research Fronts, October 2009


Jaume Flexas

"...this field of research has exponentially increased in activity over the past 23 years, as judged by the evolution..."
Fast Breaking Papers, October 2009


Paul Flicek

"Our paper describes one of the fundamental bioinformatics resources on which many other researchers..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2008


Patrick J. Flynn

"Over the last seven years, the group has collected in excess of 200,000 images and videos of faces, irises..."
Special Topic of Face Recognition

Carl Folke

"The paper is a major synthesis of observed regime shifts from multiple field studies in both terrestrial and marine..."
Emerging Research Front, October 2010



"Although proof-of-concept studies had been conducted at the time, few, if any, reports were available that described..."
Emerging Research Fronts, April 2008



"The paper draws together methodologies from the fields of hydrology and climatology. It is a pragmatic..."
Fast Moving Front, March 2009


Christine H. Foyer

"The topic of this article has a wide general appeal and interest. Redox metabolism is central to biology and the mechanisms..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Dale Frail

"I've always been interested in high-energy astrophysics. Many high-energy astrophysical phenomena (pulsars, active galactic..."
Special Topic of Gamma-ray Bursts


David Frank

"Our paper quantified the strength of the carbon cycle -climate feedback during the past Millennium. I see our manuscript as..."
New Hot Papers, May 2011



"Stepwise modelling is an objective approach to determining the most robust and supportable set of causal variables to explain..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2012


Robert Freedman

"The targeting of nicotinic receptors for therapeutic treatment of mental disorders is an emerging field of translational...."
New Hot Papers, November 2009



"The paper is a review article that gives a summary of the state-of-the-art in the field. Generally speaking, Angewandte Chemie is a..."
Fast Moving Fronts, May 2008


Linda Fried

"Geriatrician and epidemiologist Linda P. Fried of Columbia University discusses her research on frailty..."
Featured Scientist, January 2011


Peter Friedl and Katarina Wolf

"...we developed several tools to visualize MMP-14 localization and activity in fixed and also live-cell cultures, so we could see..."
Fast Moving Fronts, March 2011


Henry S. Friedman

"When we’re talking about malignant glioma, the field has moved very slowly. If we stretch the last decade a little bit, to the..."
Special Topic of Glioblastoma, January 2011


Philippe Froguel

"This paper is the only success story of the familial positional cloning of obesity genes, a strategy combining genome-wide..."
Special Topic of Obesity


Douglas H. Fuchs

"For decades, there has been a serious underestimation of the instructional needs of about 10% of the school-age population..."
Fast Breaking Paper, April 2011


Hoong-Kun Fun

"This article is relatively highly cited because quite a large number of researchers are interested in..."
Fast Moving Front, January 2010


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