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Jose J. Gaforio

"We describe new insights into the biological effects of squalene on our health. In particular, their role in preventing breast cancer..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Mohammad Reza Ganjali

"This work is the first report on PVC membrane micro-sensor for potentiometric determination of erbium..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Aug. 2009



; " paper uses a relatively new method proposed by a famous Chinese mathematician..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2008



"The review summarized a lot of ideas that were brewing in the antimicrobial peptide..."
Fast Moving Fronts, May 2008



"The paper brought together several streams of thinking at a critical time, offering a perspective that was controversial..."
New Hot Paper, Jul. 2008

Dec. 2008
Podcast (addition to this comment), Listen: MP3| WMA



Olivier Gascuel leads a research group at LIRMM-CNRS, Montpellier, France. Here he discusses his work.
Podcast Aug. 2008. Listen: MP3| WMA


"Andre Geim* is the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics. Geim is a Langworthy Research Professor and Director of the.."
Podcast Interview, November 2010; Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA.


Samuel H. Gellman. Photo credit: Dan Yang.

"Broad attention to this paper reflects increasing interest in "foldamers," which are oligomers that adopt specific..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2010


Aldo Geuna

"Aldo Geuna talks about his 2006 J RES POLICY paper, "University patenting and its effects on academic research: The emerging..."
Fast Moving Fronts, March 2011



"The influences of the analytical parameters, including pH and sample volume, were investigated. The effects..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2009


Modjtaba Ghorbani

"My paper contains information about topological property of an infinite class of fullerenes. The area of fullerene chemistry..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011



"This paper demonstrates, for the first time, the construction of a synthetic bacterial genome, a critical step in our ambition..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2009


Glenn R. Gibson

"Probiotics are products containing live microorganisms. Prebiotics are not living microbes, but rather are specific foods..."
Special Topic of Probiotics, mar. 2010


Left to right: Na Liu & Harald Giessen

"We have described how to manufacture 3D metamaterials with a planar stacking technology..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2009


Gerd Gigerenzer & Henry Brighton

"The paper describes the major discoveries in the study of heuristics, and presents a new explanation for why heuristics..."
New Hot Papers, January 2012


Stefan Gillessen

"This paper summarizes the current status of a large project conducted at the Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial..."
New Hot Paper, May 2010



"Our study showed that the increase in the area burnt by forest fires in Canada is due to human-induced climate..."
Fast Moving Front, Jan. 2009


Daniele Giordano

"Understanding and predicting the physical properties of naturally occurring melts is critical to explaining the volcanic phenomena..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2011


Paolo Gionchetti

"This paper was the first double-blind, placebo-controlled paper showing the efficacy of probiotics in IBD...."
Special Topic of Probiotics, May 2010


"Our review article focuses on cell cycle kinases as cancer therapeutic targets... overview of the complex mechanisms..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2010


"Individually, ionic liquids and CO2 capture have both been very hot areas of research over the past few years..."
New Hot Papers, July 2010



"In this article we review the mode of action of dopamine on target cells at a molecular level, focusing on an..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Oct. 2008

Jerry Glover

"A truly sustainable farm would produce as much as our current high-input farms, require little or no chemical inputs, provide..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Gaston Godin

"This systematic review presents an overview of the factors defining healthcare professional intention to adopt..."
New Hot Paper, May 2010



"This work has been used within Syngenta to identify candidate genes and molecular markers useful for..."
Featured Paper, Feb. 2008



"This paper describes the current state-of-the-art in the field of electrochemical capacitors (ECs)..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Dec. 2009


Tom Goldstein & Stanley Osher

"Our paper is highly cited because it gives state-of-the-art fast, simple, and versatile numerical algorithms for solving..."
New Hot Papers, July 2011



"This paper described a range of gene-deletion events from the pathogens that cause tuberculosis..."
Special Topic of Tuberculosis, Aug. 2009


Laurent Gosse

"I studied for higher degrees at French universities, in Lille for my master’s, followed by the Université Paris-Dauphine, which awarded my Ph D in 1997. I decided to go for..."
Featured Scientist, December 2010


Michael M. Gottesman

"Resistance of cancers to chemotherapy, either intrinsic or acquired, is the major impediment to the successful..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Feb. 2009



"Many applications are possible for HTS materials. In just the area of electrical power there are several large-scale..."
Special Topic of High-Temperature Superconductors, May 2009

"Our paper addressed the most readily available near–term source of..."
New Hot Papers, May 2008


Paola Gramatica

"This paper is an example of the possibility to predict data not experimentally available starting from a limited amount..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2011


Dario Grasso

"One year after the launch of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which took place in June 2008..."
New Hot Papers, July 2010


Anthony Greenwald

"I can't think of an occasion in which I have seen so many of my psychologist colleagues pick up a new..."
Featured Paper Interview, Mar. 2009


Charles Greer

" effects take many years to be felt or noticed. They’re not acute effects, they’re chronic effects. If you’re constantly exposed to low levels of toxins, it may take many years..."
Special Topic of Oil Spills, January 2011



"The Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2010


Nicolas Grevesse

"We expect progress in the accuracy of the solar results based on our progress in the modeling of the solar outer layers..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2010



"The paper synthesizes research on innovation from the perspective of marketing science..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2009


Scott M. Grundy

"I came to metabolic syndrome from two angles. First of all, our research here was pointing in that direction, how important..."
Special Topic of Metabolic Syndrome, November 2011

Yi Guan

"H1N1 is the first human influenza pandemic of the 21st century. Obviously, our paper has been highly cited due to the fact..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2010


Alex Guenther

"The accurate characterization of isoprene emissions and their response to a changing earth system is a difficult..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Nov. 2009



"This paper represents a shift in the way we think about regulation of gene transcription. Our finding that the majority..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009



"Graphene is a lot of fun for many reasons. It relates to almost all interesting problems in condensed matter..."
Special Topic of Graphene, Dec. 2008



"My research is always international in nature. I develop theory and test it with international, cross-national, or..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Feb. 2009


Antoine Guisan

"...over the last decade, my work has largely concentrated on understanding drivers of species ranges..."
Special Topic of Climate Change, Jan 2010



"Discovery that the Higgs boson is as predicted in the NMSSM theory..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Mar. 2008



"Thanks to the research described in this paper and other innovations it has become possible to.."
Emerging Research Fronts, Jun. 2008


Attila Gursoy & Ozlem Keskin

"Our research has important practical applications, particularly in drug discovery and design. The method may be used for the..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2010


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