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Yukio Nagasaki

"We succeeded to prepare siRNA carrying system and found the siRNA used in this study was delivered to the area..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010
(Commentary for July 2010.)


Andras Nagy

"The era of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell has empowered the stem cell research field on a scale never before seen...."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2010
(Commentary entry for Jan. 2010.)


G. Balakrish Nair

"I was involved in the epidemic caused by O139 in 1993. We had one patient arriving every four minutes at the infectious..."
Special Topic of Cholera, March 2011


Shinichi Nakagawa

"Our paper describes a synthesis of knowledge regarding how we could improve our interpretation and presentation of statistical..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2011



"I believe the main reason this paper is highly cited is because it reveals a serious, even shocking, neglect of the..."
New Hot Papers, May 2008


"The MoCA test design, user friendliness, and the robust confirmation of its validity to detect MCI..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Jun. 2009


David Nathan

"Actually, what I'm probably best known for is the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), which was a..."
Special Topic of Diabetes, Jul. 2009


Ran Nathan

"Seed dispersal is important to biodiversity conservation because it plays a major role in all main processes currently threatening global biodiversity..."
Featured Scientist, October 2010


Roland Nau

"Our in-vitro work with murine microglial cells shows that microglia are able to ingest and kill even encapsulated..."
Special Topic of Meningitis, July 2010



"In this paper we introduced a new technique for studying solutions of the surface quasi-geostrophic (SQG) equation. This..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Daniel W. Nebert

"Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are environmental pollutants that can be found anywhere. PAHs are present..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2010


Deanna Needell & Joel A. Tropp

"Our paper is in the fast growing field of compressed sensing which addresses the problem of recovering a compressible..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Aug. 2010



"This paper is the first atomic-level description of the structure formed by folding human telomeric DNA, crystallized in..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Mar. 2009



" considers the inter-disciplinary interactions that are needed for the safe implementation of nanotechnology in humans..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010

"Andre Nel is a tenured Professor and practicing allergist/immunologist at UCLA. He runs the Cellular...",
Listen: MP3|WMA, Jan. 2009



"There is a very clear pattern in our college student data that students who either participate in intercollegiate athletics..."
Special Topic of Underage/College Drinking, Dec. 2008



"Mitochondria are by far not as autonomous as originally believed..."
New Hot Paper, Nov. 2008

"...integrates organic aerosol measurements from 43 different ambient environments in the northern hemisphere to..."
New Hot Papers, July 2011


Stephen Nickell

"This is one of the first papers which attempts to explain long-term changes in unemployment by long-term changes..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Dec. 2009



"Patterned polymer surfaces have an extremely broad range of applications. This paper provides a..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2009



"The article reviews the current thinking about ecological indicators and, to a lesser extent..."
Fast Moving Front, Nov. 2008


Juan J. Nieto, Mohammed Belmekki, & Rosana Rodríguez-López

"The paper includes significant updates in the theory of fractional differential equations. We hope that our work will contribute..."
Fast Breaking Paper, February 2011


Juan J. Nieto

"The paper combines both linear and nonlinear functional analysis. In particular, we use the..."
New Hot Paper, May 2010



"This paper reports on the number of infants female chimps have in their lifetime, the causes of death..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008

"Individually, ionic liquids and CO2 capture have both been very hot areas of research over the past few years..."
New Hot Papers, July 2010



"Photonic crystals are a kind of nanostructures for light with a periodic refractive index distribution..."
Special Topic of Photonic Crystals, Jan. 2009



"The most important problem in the field of particle physics is attempting to combine an understanding of all particles..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2008



"Basically you can think of these kinases as switches; when you flow information through the cell, the settings of these switches..."
Featured Scientist, Apr. 2008


Patrik Nosil

" empirical review of a newly emerged field of study - 'population genomics'.The article synthesizes our knowledge..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2010



"The concept of photonic crystals, which was introduced in the 1980s, is essentially the photonic analogue of band..."
Special Topic of Photonic Crystals, Mar. 2009


Josep Nogués

"The coupling between two different magnetic materials is one of the components in the device that reads the stored information..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010


Konstantin Novoselov

"The field is developing extremely fast. Considering that the field is only four years old, we’ve made enormous progress..."
Special Topic of Graphene, Feb. 2009


Martin A. Nowak a Professor of Biology and of Mathematics at Harvard University and Director of Harvard's Program for Evolutionary)..."
Podcast; Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA, Apr. 2010



"This article represents one of the first reviews on NODs, currently called Nod-like receptors (NLRs), a new and fast-growing topic..."
Emerging Research Front, Feb. 2009


Roza I. Nurieva

"Upon activation, CD4+ T cells differentiate into distinct effector lineages that regulate different types of immune..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Nov. 2009


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