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John Sabo

"In my mind, the primary goal is not to predict disease, nor to personalize medicine. It’s to understand the biological systems..."
Fast Moving Front, May 2010

J. Evan Sadler

"...our paper is highly cited because it provides a useful and relatively simple and useful framework to organize..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Sep. 2009

R. Saidur

"It is felt that a heavier vehicle will consume more energy than a lighter vehicle... weight reduction is associated with energy..."
Fast Breaking Paper, August 2011

Michael J. Sailor

"It is the first biodegradable fluorescent (quantum dot) nanoparticle to safely image tumors and organs in live mice that..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2010


"This paper reports on a general strategy for decoding the gene function of Arabidopsis..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2008


, talks about his interest in criminology and urban sociology and the linkage of urban neighborhoods with violence. Read his Fast Breaking Paper comment. View an article from PNAS.
May 2008. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA

Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa

"My work in the team was to provide all the deforestation analysis based on satellite analysis that went into the model..."
Featured Scientist Interview, May 2009

Rolf Sander

"I have studied chemistry and obtained my PhD in 1994. Today I spend most of my time at the computer to develop code..."
Featured Scientist, September 2011

M. Santosh

“As an outsider, both in the research community and in a foreign society, I faced many challenges, including language issues, unfamiliarity with systems and practices, and most importantly, domestic funding agencies turning down my funding applications, despite my high productivity and research impact.”
Special Topic of Featured Interview, 2012

M. Santosh

"This paper presents the discovery of a special type of high-grade metamorphic rocks from..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Aug. 2008


"The publication of our paper had an impact among ordinary people, especially children, as amphioxus is highly..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Feb. 2009

Van Savage

"I have always enjoyed trying to solve problems that are simply stated yet deceptively difficult. This process is especially..."
Featured Paper Interview, Feb. 2008

Lawrence R. Schaeffer

"It was the first paper that looked at the effects of genome wide selection on dairy cattle bull progeny testing,..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Jul. 2009



"The Richards et al. (2005) article is highly cited because of the value of the Drosophila pseudoobscura..."
Fast Moving Front, Sep. 2008



"Our paper introduced a mathematically rigorous method (Maxent) for modeling..."
Special Topic of Climate Change, Nov. 2009


Kevin Schawinski

"The paper shows in detail how low-mass galaxies undergo a major burst of star formation (most likely triggered by the merger of..."
Fast Moving Fronts, November 2010



"Our paper captures the Zeitgeist of a growing group of climate scientists..."
New Hot Papers, Jul. 2009



"The paper offers a succinct review of the current state of science regarding the health effects..."
New Hot Paper, Jul. 2008



"Regular PCR amplifies the RNA or DNA in a sample, and real-time PCR amplifies it and quantifies it..."
Featured Paper Interview, Jul. 2008


Patrik Schmuki

"After a more or less coincidental finding we followed up on the electrochemical formation of self-organized TiO2..."
New Hot Papers, Nov. 2009


Patrick S. Schnable

Patrick S. Schnable is the Baker Professor of Agronomy, Director of the Center for Plant Genomics and the Center..."
Podcast Menu | Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA, October 2010


Donald Schneider

"The SDSS's great steps forward were obtaining digital, multicolor images of a large area of the sky to brightness..."
Science Watch® Newsletter Interview, Jul. 2009


Santiago Schnell

"In our paper we unravel a new debate in the field of systems biology: What is the appropriate modeling formulation..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Jul. 2009


Hans R. Schöler. Photo: MPI Muenster/Sarah Eick

"Tremendous debate has arisen in both the scientific community and the general public over the past decade..."
New Hot Papers, Nov. 2009


Jan Scholz

"In our work we presented evidence that the adult brain changes in response to a relatively short period of juggling practice..."
New Hot Papers, March 2011


Dirk Schübeler

"Dirk Schübeler, a Senior Group Leader in Epigenetics at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research..."
Aug. 2009, Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA


Ulrich S. Schubert

"The paper describes the usage of an inkjet printer for a broad field of applications. For example, the manufacturing..."
Fast Moving Front, Jan. 2010



"The article summarizes and critically discusses the use of click chemistry in macromolecular science..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009


Schraga Schwartz & Gil Ast

"Our paper identified a potential link between two fundamental molecular layers of gene regulation: chromatin structure..."
New Hot Papers, January 2011


Frank Schwierz

"Today's electronics is based on the semiconducting material silicon. For decades the progress in electronics mainly..."
Emerging Research Front, December 2011



"Our paper presents the first calculation, based on screened-hybrid density functional..."
Special Topic of Graphene, Jan. 2009

Ole Seehausen

"Speciation research is currently one of the most active fields in evolutionary and ecological research. The cichlid fish..."
Fast Moving Front, Mar. 2010


Takahiro Seki

"This paper describes a new method to align the MPS of block copolymers processed by light. To align the MPS..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2010


Dennis Selkoe

"...amyloid beta is both necessary and sufficient to cause Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other factors. If..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, March 2011


Moshe Semyonov

"...we introduced an analytical model that enabled us to test our theoretical expectations in dynamic terms. It is our hope that..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011



"The Arctic's floating sea ice cover is quickly shrinking. While this decline is a clear indicator of climate change..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2008



"...with cancer of the uterine cervix, HPV is responsible for nearly 100% of the cancers, and this is..."
Special Topic of Human Papillomavirus, Jul. 2008


Nagendra P. Shah

"Dairy foods are universally accepted and they provide a good environment for probiotics' growth..."
Special Topic of Probiotics, July 2010



"The increasing rate of resistant bacteria to conventional antibiotics is a worldwide threat. This article..."
New Hot Paper, Jul. 2008



"At present, QD lasers are starting to become commercialized for short-haul fiber-optic communications..."
Fast Moving Fronts, May 2008



"The issue was how to capture all these subtle nuances from one language to the next not..."
Featured Paper Interview, May 2008



"This paper provides the first conclusive genetic and biochemical evidence that a specific Arabidopsis hexokinase (HXK1)..."
Emerging Research Front, Oct. 2008


"Our paper represents an important contribution to the field of organ donation in that it provided a credible estimate of the..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Oct. 2009



Jay Shendure

Jay Shendure"The paper describes the synthesis of several methodologies and their extension to a new direction. Specifically..."
Fast Moving Front, Jan. 2010


William Shieh

"For the first time in "open access" literature, this paper introduced a novel modulation format which combines two..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Sep. 2009


Yukihisa Shimada

"As part of an international research effort, the AtGenExpress consortium was organized to make an important..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009


Takao Shimizu

"In addition to the well-known roles of lipids, they are also important as bioactive autacoids that regulate..."
New Hot Papers, July 2010


Kevin J. Shingfield

"This paper reported the results of a meta-analysis of published data to re-examine the value of measuring concentrations of..."
Featured Scientist, April 2011


"This is a complete byproduct of our research on gene targeting experiments using..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008



"In general terms, this research helped us to understand why anti-nuclear antibodies are made in lupus..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2008



"Obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. Our studies identified a molecular connection..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008


David Sholl

"Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have generated a great deal of excitement because of the diverse range of..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2010


"The paper proposed a unique and clean signal to directly test a neutrino mass..."
Fast Moving Front, Mar. 2009


Dirk Sibbing

"During the last decade, more and more people with coronary artery disease are being treated with coronary stent placement..."
New Hot Papers, September 2010


Dr. Stephen Silberstein

"...we saw that many people believed that migraine and epilepsy were similar in some ways..."
Migraine & Other Vascular Headaches, Feb. 2008


Carlos Simmerling

"The importance of computer simulations keeps growing in a wide variety of areas, including my area of expertise, which is..."
Fast Moving Fronts, May 2011


Patrice Simon & Yury Gogotsi

"This paper describes the current state-of-the-art in the field of electrochemical capacitors (ECs)..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Dec. 2009



"This paper was an invited review article that summarized, circa 2003, what was..."
Fast Moving Front, Jul. 2008


Tobias Sing

"Data mining & machine learning are key technologies for information technology, health-care... profoundly affecting..."
Emerging Research Front, October 2010



"The main contribution of the "relational view" paper was that it outlined a theory for considering dyads..."
Featured Paper Interview, Aug. 2008


Jasit Singh

"The question of how social networks influence flow of knowledge is not new. Yet there have been relatively few studies..."
Emerging Research Front, Apr. 2010



"Our paper explains the internal control reporting requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002..."
New Hot Paper, Nov. 2008


Michael Skinner

"My research focuses on exploring the manner in which different cell types in a tissue interact and communicate to..."
Special Topic of Epigenetics, Mar. 2009


Mark S. Slaughter

"Our paper "Advanced heart failure treated with continuous-flow left ventricular assist device" was very important and now..."
New Hot Papers, July 2011


Olga Smirnova

"Imaging structures and dynamics is a major direction of modern science which encompasses physics, chemistry and biology..."
Fast Breaking Paper, October 2010



"The new things we discovered about terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs) were 1) the extremely high energies to which..."
Emerging Research Front, Apr. 2009


J.D. Smith

"This paper calibrates the form and behavior of PAH emission in a local, broadly selected sample of galaxies..."
Fast Moving Fronts, July 2010


Lynn Smith-Lovin

"...field of Social Sciences for August, 2010: “Birds of a feather: Homophily in social networks,” McPherson, M, Smith-Lovin..."
Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA. April 2011


George Perry

"Mark Smith was Professor of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University as well as Director of Basic Science Research at..."
Special Topic of Alzheimer's Disease, June 2011



"This work grew out of a multidisciplinary collaboration between a biochemist interested in..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2008

Ian Snape

"There are many tens of thousands of cubic meters of petroleum-contaminated soil in Antarctica. There’ so much..."
Special Topic of Oil Spills, February 2011


Patrício Soares da Silva

"Trans-resveratrol is a nonflavonoid polyphenolic compound found in several plant species, a number of which are part of..."
New Hot Papers, January 2011


Kenneth Söderhäll

"This paper is a review summarizing the research on one important innate immune process in invertebrates..."
Fast Moving Front, Mar. 2010



"most significant and new observation in the paper is that oomycete effectors can be delivered..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Feb. 2009


Steven Sollott

"Mitochondria are abundant organelles residing inside each of the bodies’ cells that perform major functions..."
Fast Moving Front, May 2010


Susan Solomon

"The paper showed that the climate changes that take place due to human-caused changes in carbon dioxide..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2010



"This paper—by combining cutting-edge imaging..."
New Hot Papers, May 2008


Ana Soto

"We developed an assay called E-SCREEN, which we described in Environmental Health Perspectives in 1991..."
Special Topic of Bisphenol A, Sep. 2009


Ramanathan Sowdhamini

"Our work describes a new methodology, named "regularized least squares classifier" (RLSC)..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2009

Anthony L. Spek

"It is generally a reference to the use of one out of the many tools that are available in a program package named PLATON..."
Emerging Research Front, Apr. 2010



"We demonstrated in this study that the majority of the pigs in swine herds in the United States were infected by..."
Featured Scientist Interview, Jan. 2008



"The paper reports new results from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and synthesizes the WMAP results..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2008



"Bayesian methods for data analysis allow great flexibility for handling complex problems and including multiple..."
Featured Paper Interview, Feb. 2009


Paul Spudich

"Our paper has been highly cited because we published some unique observations of earthquake-induced..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Oct. 2009


"Our paper was one of the first to demonstrate that extensively used chemicals such as prescription..."
Fast Moving Front, Jul. 2008


Richard Stadler

"Acrylamide was first discovered in food in Apr. 2002 by the Swedish National Food Authority that reported..."
Featured Paper Interview, Oct. 2009


Alexander Star

"This research was conducted at Nanomix Inc., a startup nanotech company, which develops and commercializes nanoelectronic...."
Fast Moving Fronts, March 2011


"We show that a guardian protein is attacked and that this attenuates the healing of an organ like the brain..."
New Hot Paper, Nov. 2008


Kári Stefánsson

"Kari Stefansson, founder of deCODE genetics in Reykjavik, Iceland, discusses his firm’s recent emergence from..."
Science Watch® Newsletter Interview, September 2010


"We demonstrate that climate fluctuations affect the dynamics of populations through how the ways in..."
Emerging Research Front, Aug. 2008


"The paper describes a new discoveryin addition, the paper also provides a new methodology..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2008



"Stepwise modelling is an objective approach to determining the most robust and supportable set of causal variables to explain..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2012


Rob Stevenson

"The finite element method is the most popular method for the numerical approximation of the solution of an elliptic..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2011


Stevo Stevic

In this Fast Breaking Paper commentary, Stevo Stevic talks about his 2009 J MATH ANAL APPL paper..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2010



"Working on Bloch-type spaces I have realized that sometimes it is useful to use the norm on the space by taking..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Apr. 2009

Eric Stice

"I initially became interested in studying obesity when I learned that approximately 111,000 people die from obesity-related..."
Fast Moving Fronts, July 2010



"This survey paper provides a broad overview of medical robot systems used in surgery. As such, it provided..."
Fast Moving Front, Jan. 2009



"Our article provides an overview of important personal and situational...."
Emerging Research Front, Dec. 2008


John D. Storey

"In this Fast Moving Front commentary, John D. Storey talks with about his 2005..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Nov. 2009


Maureen Storey

"...our paper carefully examined several theories about high-fructose corn syrup, a common sweetener in the food..."
Fast Moving Fronts, Nov. 2009


Michael Strauss

"The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has produced a map of the Universe, a census of the heavens, that can be used in..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Feb. 2010



"...the behavior of complex interconnected systems cannot be understood without also understanding the..."
Featured Paper Interview, Dec. 2008


"The complex nature of current scientific goals, such as, e.g., the detection of a weak dark matter..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Oct. 2009



"Easy-to-use matching methods have been recognized as offering one..."
Fast Breaking Paper, Oct. 2008



"The results in our article have the potential to increase the effectiveness of causal inference..."
New Hot Papers, Jul. 2009


Bridget Stuchbury

"Billions of individual songbirds leave their breeding grounds in North America and Europe and fly thousands..."
Fast Moving Fronts, September 2010



"...mesoporous materials, the work of Dr. Galen Stucky from the University of California, Santa Barbara, ranked at #2..."
Special Topic of Mesoporous Materials, Nov. 2008


Lorenz Studer

"FD is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by multiple defects, particularly in the peripheral nervous system..."
New Hot Papers, January 2011


"This paper provided a comprehensive study on the synthesis mechanism of highly ordered mesoporous..."
Special Topic of Mesoporous Materials, Aug. 2008



"The idea is that episodic memory provides information for the construction of future plans..."
New Hot Papers, Sep. 2009



"Our work describes a new methodology, named "regularized least squares classifier" (RLSC)..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2009



"we have moved on from concerns about killing wildlife with mass-produced chemicals such as oils and pesticides...."
Special Topic of Bisphenol A (BPA), Feb. 2010



"This is a review article, presenting the state of the art in the field of CA inhibitors and activators, as well as their applications..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2009


Eli Sutter & Peter W. Sutter

"At the time our paper was published, graphene had shown extraordinary properties, such as high..."
Fast Moving Front, May 2010


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