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"This study is one of the first attempts to link plant traits to measured soil data on a large gradient of soil fertility in..."
Emerging Research Front, June 2011


Van Broeckhoven

"This paper describes the genetic search for the underlying gene defect in autosomal-dominant FTLD..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2008


Eric Van Cutsem

"It's a new synthesis of knowledge covering important clinical data which looks at the impact of imaging..."
New Hot Papers, Jul. 2009


Frank L. van de Veerdonk

"...pattern recognition receptors and pathways that are important for the induction of the Th17 response against Mycobacterium..."
Fast Breaking Paper, December 2011


Carl Van Der Lingen

"Anchovy and sardine are economically and ecologically important, and alternations between the two species..."
Fast Moving Fronts, July 2010


van Dishoeck

"This paper reported one of the first complete mid-infrared spectra of a high-mass protostar..."
Special Topic of Astrochemistry, Apr. 2008


Paul van Helden

"Genetics and immunology: the population of Africa has not been exposed to TB for centuries like some other parts... "
Special Topic of Tuberculosis, Jul. 2009


van Loon

"This paper is a review on proteins that are induced in plants in response to pathogen or insect attack and which may play a role in..."
New Hot Paper, Mar. 2008


Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer

"The focus of the article is clearly on a synthesis of knowledge and the creation of a new, promising..."
Emerging Research Fronts, Aug. 2009


Mannis van Oven

"The paper presents a detailed phylogenetic tree of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), available at the accompanying..."
Fast Breaking Paper, June 2011


Frans VandeWerf

"It provides guidelines on the management of acute myocardial infarction as outlined by the European Society..."
New Hot Paper, Jan. 2009


Costas Varotsos

"...introduced the following: the global TOZ and global TRT fluctuations in small time-intervals are positively correlated to..."
Emerging Research Front, August 2011



"The interplay between viscosity and non-linear transport is one of the central issues in fluid dynamics. It is thought that..."
New Hot Papers, September 2011


Lionel Vayssieres

"The major applications are for TCOs as those arrays can be grown directly onto bare glass, thus creating better conducting..."
Featured Scientist, November 2010

Marc Veldhoen

"In Dec. of 2009, the paper "TGF beta in the context of an inflammatory cytokine milieu supports de nov..."
Featured Paper, Feb. 2010


Jørgen Vestbo

"A lot of what we know about the natural history of COPD and the identification of risk factors for disease progression..."
Special Topic of (COPD), Mar. 2010


Guifre Vidal

"A long-term goal of my research has been to better understand quantum entanglement. Entanglement is a natural..."
Quantum Computers, July 2010


Flemming Videbaek on Brookhaven National Lab's BRAHMS Experiment

"BRAHMS stands for Broad Range Hadron Magnetic Spectrometers. When we were first getting ready to propose an experiment for RHIC, we had also talked with the physicists..."
Special Topic of Hadron Colliders, February 2011


Cristobal Viedma

"I believe that challenging problems require interdisciplinary approach for innovative answers to old questions. The origin of life..."
Fast Moving Fronts, January 2011


Betsy Von Holle

"This experiment was the first to simultaneously test three different hypotheses that had been suggested in the literature to be..."
Emerging Research Front, April 2011



"A photonic crystal is like a crystal of atoms—silicon, for instance—but magnified 10,000 times. The nice thing about colloidal..."
Special Topic of Photonic Crystals, Feb. 2009


"Our paper is the first ever to describe a formal methodology to assess how well a number of mathematical..."
Fast Breaking Papers, Jun. 2009


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