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February 2010

In these interviews, scientists talk to and offer behind-the-scenes insights into their research: reflections on what led them to their chosen field, the motivation driving their work in a given direction, and the challenges encountered along on the way. These authors also offer their views on why their work has wielded particular influence in the scientific community, as indicated by Clarivate Analytics citation data, and on how research in their respective fields has progressed over time and will likely unfold in the future.

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Interviews and Features for February 2010:

Peter Barnes Discusses His Highly Cited COPD Research; Special Topic of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Peter J. Barnes

Excerpt from the interview: "I have always been aware that COPD is a major clinical problem, but I only started to do research into COPD around 10 years ago. At that time very little was known about the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms, so we started to use some of the research approaches that we had developed in asthma to look at the nature..."
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The Most-Cited Institutions in Engineering, 1999-2009; Institution Profile

University of Illinois

This month, presents a listing of the top 20 institutions which, as of the fifth bimonthly update of Essential Science IndicatorsSM (January 1, 1999-October 31, 2009) attracted the highest total citations to their papers published in Clarivate Analytics-indexed Engineering journals.
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Despo Fatta-Kassino on the Effectiveness of Various Advanced Oxidation Processes; Fast Breaking Paper

Despo Fatta-Kassinos

Excerpt from the interview: "Over the past several years, pharmaceuticals are considered as an emerging environmental problem due to their continuous input and persistence into the aquatic ecosystem even at low concentrations. This continuous release into the environment may constitute a long-term potential risk for aquatic and terrestrial organisms..."
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Michael S. Filigenzi on Melamine & Preventing Future Instances of Food Adulteration; Fast Breaking Paper

Michael S. Filigenzi

Excerpt from the interview: "The work done by my co-workers and I on the analysis of melamine came in response to the pet food poisoning incident in 2007. This incident illuminated previously unknown issues regarding melamine adulteration of Chinese pet food additives and the toxicity of melamine and its analogs. An incident involving melamine's..."
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Dejian Huang Discuses Antioxidant Capacity; Podcast

Dejian Huang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and also Acting Director of the Science and Technology Program at the National University of Singapore. He is first author of a Current Classics paper in the field of Agricultural Sciences for Aug. 2009, Huang, DJ, et. al, "The chemistry..."
Podcast. Listen: MP3 ¦ WMA.

Hojjat Adeli on the Citation Record of Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering; Journal Interview

Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering

Excerpt from the interview: "I founded the international journal ICAE "based on the premise that interdisciplinary thinking and synergistic collaboration of disciplines can solve complex problems, open new frontiers, and lead to true innovations and breakthroughs" as noted in my Editorial in the inaugural issue of the journal published in July 1993..."
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Map of Science: Physics

Cosmic Pie Chart

To create a field map, we first identify all research fronts pertaining to the main field, and then compute the linkage between fronts based on how often they are co-cited—that is, the frequency that current papers jointly cite two given fronts. A clustering process then groups fronts into larger aggregates. Each circle on the map represents a group, or cluster, of research fronts on a broad topic within the main field.
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Corrie S. Moreau on the Evolution of the Ants; Emerging Research Front

Corrie S. Moreau

Excerpt from the interview: "Ants occupy almost every terrestrial niche on the planet, so understanding how they came to this ecological dominance and the time frames involved is an intriguing question. The results of our 2006 research published in the journal "Science" suggest that ants are considerably older than had been appreciated based..."
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Michael Strauss Talks About the Seventh Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey; Fast Breaking Papers

Michael Strauss

Excerpt from the interview: "The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has produced a map of the Universe, a census of the heavens, that can be used in every area of astronomical research, from studies of asteroids in the Solar System to the most distant quasars. It is a fully public dataset, that has been used by thousands of researchers all over the world. This paper describes..."
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National Rankings in Biology & Biochemistry 1999-October 31, 2009; Country Profile

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES HEALTH). Test tubes of cultures wait to be checked by a scientist for signs of the H1N1 swine flu virus and other respiratory diseases at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore, September 3, 2009.

This month from, we have listed our ranking in Biology & Biochemistry by citations per paper. The data were extracted from the Essential Science IndicatorsSM database from Clarivate Analytics. This database, currently covering the period January 1999 through October 31, 2009, surveys only journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Reuters.
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John Sumpter on the Environmental and Health Risks of BPA and Other Chemicals; Special Topic of Bisphenol A (BPA)

John Sumpter

Excerpt from the interview: "...we have moved on from concerns about killing wildlife with mass-produced chemicals such as oils and pesticides. What we have realized in the last 10 years is that we have contaminated the natural world with many chemicals that we all get exposed to, that do not cause acute toxicity, but they might cause important effects on reproduction..."
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Marc Veldhoen on Th17 T Cell Biology; Featured Paper

Marc Veldhoen

Excerpt from the interview: "In December of 2009, the paper "TGF beta in the context of an inflammatory cytokine milieu supports de novo differentiation of IL-17-producing T cells," (Veldhoen M, et al., Immunity 24(2): 179-89, February 2006) was named a Current Classic in the field of Immunology. At present, the paper ranks among the top 100 Highly..."
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