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March 2009

In these interviews, scientists talk to and offer behind-the-scenes insights into their research: reflections on what led them to their chosen field, the motivation driving their work in a given direction, and the challenges encountered along on the way. These authors also offer their views on why their work has wielded particular influence in the scientific community, as indicated by Clarivate Analytics citation data, and on how research in their respective fields has progressed over time and will likely unfold in the future.

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Featured Interviews for March 2009:

Utrecht University's Martine P. Bos Talks About Outer Membrane Biogenesis - New Hot Paper


Excerpt from the interview: "...our paper is highly cited because it provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of outer membrane (OM) biogenesis in gram-negative bacteria. Most previous reviews dealt with only outer membrane proteins (OMPs), or lipids, or lipoproteins. Also, there has been a lot of progress in this field in recent years, with the..."
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Kuo-Chen Chou on Subcellular Locations of Proteins - New Hot Paper


Excerpt from the interview: "The paper did describe several new concepts and methodologies, such as pseudo amino acid composition, or PseAA composition, hybridization of the "higher level" approach with the ab initio approach, ensemble classifier, and how to deal with multiplex proteins which may simultaneously exist at..."
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Stewart Cole - Special Topic of Tuberculosis Interview

Stewart Cole

Excerpt from the interview: "I was working on leprosy originally, and there are quite a lot of similarities between the leprosy bacillus and the tuberculosis bacillus. Even in the mid-1980s, there were quite a lot of cases of multi-drug resistant TB, which was becoming a major problem in the industrialized world again. So I decided to make a sideways..."
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Country Profile of Italy, 1998-October 31, 2008


According to Essential Science Indicators SM from Clarivate Analytics, among the 147 top-performing countries in all fields, Italy ranked #7 for citations (4,167,807), #8 for papers (400,229), and #26 (10.41) for citations per paper. This feature includes rankings in all fields for Italy for the time period of 1998-October 31, 2008.
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Epigenetics Research, the Top 20 Institutions - Institution Feature

Johns Hopkins presents a listing of the top 20 institutions which, according to our Special Topic on Epigenetics, attracted the highest total citations to their papers published on the topic in Clarivate Analytics -indexed journals. These institutions are the top 20 ranked by total cites out of a pool of 4,877 institutions publishing on this topic, based solely on the keyword "epigenet*" in the titles, abstracts, and keywords sections of papers.
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Motohiko Ezawa Discusses His 2006 Physical Review B Paper - Special Topic of Graphene Interview

Motohiko Ezawa

The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work.Excerpt from the interview: "In my paper I have presented many classes of graphene nanoribbons and proposed their systematic classification in terms of the edge shape and the width. Nanoribbons have a wide variety of electronic properties depending on the edge shape and the width. These electronic properties are amazingly rich in..."
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Anthony Greenwald on the Implicit Association Test - Featured Paper Interview

Anthony Greenwald

Excerpt from the interview: "I can't think of an occasion in which I have seen so many of my psychologist colleagues pick up a new research method and start to make use of it. Wide adoption of the method was helped because it required no more equipment than a standard desktop computer. I am sure that part of the interest others had in using..."
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Rudolf Jaenisch; On the Science of Epigenetics - Science Watch® Newsletter Interview

Rudolf Jaenisch

Excerpt from the interview: "The science of epigenetics blossomed in the mid-1990s and has remained in full flower ever since. Epigenetic regulation is now known to play fundamental roles in everything from cancer to cloning to stem cells. Leading this epigenetic revolution is Rudolf Jaenisch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jaenisch has..."
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Jim Kaput Discusses Nutritional Genomics For Public And Personal Health - Fast Moving Front


Excerpt from the interview: "The paper highlighted the re-awakening of long-known knowledge: that what an individual eats will affect one's health (Hippocrates: "Let medicine be your food and food your medicine.") The only difference from that ancient, but largely ignored, knowledge is the ability in the modern era to conduct high-throughput analyses..."
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  The Growing Influence of LWT-Food Science and Technology  - Featured Journal Interview

LWT - Food Science and Technology

Excerpt from the interview: "LWT – Food Science and Technology (LWT) has been published by Elsevier since 2004, following its acquisition of the journal’s previous publisher, Academic Press. Ownership of the journal has recently transferred to Elsevier from the Swiss Society for Food Science and Technology (SGLWT). LWT began publishing in 1968..."
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Stephen Neidle Talks about His Work on Telomeric DNA - Featured Scientist Interview


Excerpt from the interview: "This paper is the first atomic-level description of the structure formed by folding human telomeric DNA, crystallized in near-physiological conditions. That itself continues to be of interest and is used as a template for the discovery of novel small molecules as Telomere Targeting Agents. The structure, though, is remarkable..."
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Masaya Notomi on His Research in Photonic Crystals - Special Topic of Photonic Crystals


Excerpt from the interview: "The concept of photonic crystals, which was introduced in the 1980s, is essentially the photonic analogue of band electrons in solids. A dielectric structure whose refractive index is periodically modulated can exhibit a variety of novel optical properties due to its band nature. Photonic crystals were first realized in radio frequencies..."
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Michael Skinner on Epigenetic Transgenerational Effects  - Special Topic of Epigenetics Interview

Michael Skinner

Excerpt from the interview: "My research focuses on exploring the manner in which different cell types in a tissue interact and communicate to regulate the growth and differentiation of gonads. We were investigating the effects of the environmental compounds on gonadal sex determination and serendipitously found these epigenetic transgenerational..."
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Claudiu T. Supuran Discusses Carbonic Anhydrases - New Hot Paper


Excerpt from the interview: "This is a review article, presenting the state of the art in the field of CA inhibitors and activators, as well as their applications in therapy. It presents diverse methodologies useful in the drug design of different pharmacological agents based on CAIs and CA activators (CAAs). This paper represents a thorough review of all these novel applications of CAIs/CAAs, updated with the latest developments in the field...."
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The Hottest Research of 2007-08

The customary annual roundup of recent research highlights the scientists who fielded the greatest number of Hot Papers during the last year, and also lists the papers published in 2008 that were most cited by year's end. In the latter group, the physical sciences are especially prominent, notably in reports on iron-based superconductors and on recent refinements to the branch of string theory known as M-theory.
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(Additional interviews/commentaries may be added during March 2009.)


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