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May 2008

In these interviews, scientists talk to and offer behind-the-scenes insights into their research: reflections on what led them to their chosen field, the motivation driving their work in a given direction, and the challenges encountered along on the way. These authors also offer their views on why their work has wielded particular influence in the scientific community, as indicated by Clarivate Analytics citation data, and on how research in their respective fields has progressed over time and will likely unfold in the future.

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Featured Interviews for May 2008:

Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online - Featured Journal Interview

Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online

Excerpt from the interview: "The journal is published by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). One of the main roles of the Union is to promote international publication of crystallographic research, and it does this principally by publishing journals and books to the highest quality standards..."
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David I. Auerbach - Featured New Hot Paper Commentary


Excerpt from the interview: "Our paper discusses emerging trends not yet described—we use the most recent data in a novel way, combined with a novel forecast model. The most interesting trend discussed is the emergence of a new group of people entering the nursing profession..."
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Sara Burt - Featured Fast Moving Front Commentary


The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work. Excerpt from the interview: "My review bundled the current knowledge on the antibacterial properties of edible volatile oils (essential oils) obtained from plants. It summarized the known facts on concentrations required to inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria and/or to reduce..."
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Anne Desjardins - Special Topic of Mycotoxins


Excerpt from the interview: "I’d have to say that it’s always important for us to stay connected with the real world and particularly with the real world of agriculture. As laboratory researchers, we have to remember who we ultimately work for. And that’s sort of a mantra for the whole USDA. We work for the public. We work for the agricultural industry..."
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Mark Enright - Special Topic of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)


Excerpt from the interview: "Prior to our development of an MLST scheme for S. aureus it was difficult to compare the strains of bacteria that cause disease to those in other hospitals, or to those that live harmlessly in the nose of approximately a third of the human population, or to the first MRSA strains from the 1960s..."
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Geoffrey M. Hodgson - Podcast Interview


This is a Podcast InterviewGeoffrey M. Hodgson is a Research Professor in Business Studies at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK; here he discusses core Darwinian principles for the analysis of social and economic evolution. Read his New Hot Paper comment from Jan. 2008.
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James Hudson & Ron Kessler - Featured New Hot Paper Commentary


Excerpt from the interview: "The paper reports the first nationally representative population-based data on the prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in the United States. The data come from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R), a nationally representative..."
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Paul Henning Krogh - Featured Scientist Interview

The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work. Excerpt from the interview: "There is presently a lot of concern about pharmaceuticals contaminating the natural environment. Antibiotics may enter the terrestrial environment when improving soils with animal manure. Our study tested the effects of two widely used antibiotics, tylosin..."
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Katharina Lodders - Special Topic of Astrochemistry


Excerpt from the interview: "The composition of our Sun is not only important for comparison to astronomical observations of other stars or for input to models of stellar evolution. It is also important because it is representative of the material from which everything in the solar system—the Sun..."
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Jill Mesirov & Eric Lander - Featured Fast Moving Front Commentary


The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work. Excerpt from the interview: "This research began with the work described in the Mootha, VK et al. Nat. Genet. paper that sought to identify significant differences between samples of patients with type II diabetes and those with normal glucose tolerance. While single-gene approaches showed no significant..."
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Henry A. Nasrallah - Featured New Hot Paper Commentary


The author(s) of this interview/comment have included images of their work. Excerpt from the interview: "I believe the main reason this paper is highly cited is because it reveals a serious, even shocking, neglect of the physical health of millions of individuals suffering from chronic schizophrenia, a disabling psychiatric brain disorder. The data in this paper, based on the landmark NIMH-funded CATIE study..."
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Robert Sampson - Podcast Interview


This is a Podcast InterviewIn this podcast, Robert Sampson talks about his interest in criminology and urban sociology and the linkage of urban neighborhoods with violence. Read his Fast Breaking Paper comment. View an article from PNAS.
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David Sheehan - Featured Paper Interview


Excerpt from the interview: "Back in the early 1990s, I was asked to consult with a drug company to help set up studies mainly in Europe on panic disorders. We were discussing how we could be sure we were going to get panic patients, and we said we’d use a structured diagnostic interview..."
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University of Maribor - Featured Institutional Interview

University of Maribor

Excerpt from the interview: "...the fields that are inherent to our university—namely theoretical physics, condensed and soft matter physics, and biophysics—are those in which the University endeavors to become even better known in the international physical community...."
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Peidong Yang - Featured Podcast Interview


This is a Podcast InterviewPeidong Yang is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. Here he discusses his lab’s interdisciplinary research in semiconductor nanowires. Yang is a Current Classics scientist (Mat. Sci.) from Apr. 2008.
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(Additional interviews/commentaries will be added during May 2008)


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