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The Ohio State University This month, highlights Ohio State University's citation achievements with a look at the university's 20 most-cited papers and its statistics across the 22 fields of the Essential Science IndicatorsSM database from Thomson Reuters.

Of the fields in which OSU ranks in the top 1%, it ranks among the top 100 institutions in nine fields (Clinical Medicine, Biology & Biochemistry, Engineering, Environment & Ecology, Microbiology, Immunology, Materials Science, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Computer Science), the top 50 in seven fields (Physics, Space Science, Plant & Animal Science, Psychiatry & Psychology, Agricultural Sciences, Economics & Business, and Mathematics), and the top 20 in one field (Social Sciences). It also ranks at #45 by total citations over all fields.

The lion's share of citations for OSU comes from Clinical Medicine, a field in which the university has 7,329 papers with a total of 136,975 citations. OSU's most-cited paper is also from this field. recently interviewed one of OSU's heavy-hitters in the discipline, cancer geneticist Carlo Croce, who is also highly cited in the field of Molecular Biology & Genetics.

Physics is another strong suit for OSU, with 3,088 papers cited a total of 59,413 times. OSU authors have contributed to the multi-author, multinational highly cited reviews of particle physics papers, four of which are among the institution's most-cited papers.

OSU ranks in the top 100 in the field of Biology & Biochemistry, with 2,091 papers cited a total of 34,390 times. Moreover, Dr. Thomas Schmittgen of the OSU College of Pharmacy is a coauthor of the top-ranked Highly Cited Paper in this field.

Space Science is the fourth-highest citation-scoring field for OSU, with 1,142 papers cited 34,299 times. OSU researchers are key members of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey team, as shown by the fact that four of the six Space Science papers appearing on the top 20 papers for OSU deal with the SDSS. talked with James Bullock, the lead author of another of these papers, "Profiles of dark haloes: Evolution, scatter, and environment" (Bullock JS, et al., Mon. Notic. Roy. Astron. Soc. 321[3]: 559-75, March 2001), when he was a postdoc at OSU.

OSU also ranks in the top 50 among institutions in the fields of Plant & Animal Science (#23) and Psychiatry & Psychology (#32). In fact, in Psychiatry & Psychology, several of OSU's papers rank among the top 100 Highly Cited Papers, including the paper at #20 on OSU's list of most-cited papers, "Evaluating the use of exploratory factor analysis in psychological research" (Fabrigar LR, et al., Psychol. Methods 4[3]: 272-99, September 1999). Another paper in the top 100 Highly Cited Papers in this area is "Implicit measures in social cognition research: Their meaning and use," (Fazio RH, Olsen MA, Annu. Rev. Psychol. 54: 297-327, 2003). Coauthors Russell Fazio and Michael Olsen talked with about this paper and its impact on the field.

OSU ranks at #18 among all institutions in the field of Social Sciences. When featured the top 20 institutions in this field last year, OSU ranked at #19, with 2,419 papers cited a total of 15,269 times. Currently, the institution's record in this field includes 2,629 papers cited a total of 18,744 times. Twelve of the top 20 papers for OSU in this field are all by authors exclusively from OSU alone.

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