Table 1: The "Most-Authored" Papers of the Last Decade, by Year
Papers with highest numbers of authors,
by year, 2002-2011
Year Paper Number of authors
2011 ATLAS Collaboration (G. Aad, et al.), “Search for quark contact interactions in dijet angular distributions in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV measured with the ATLAS detector,” Phys. Lett. B, 694(4-5): 327-45, 2011. 3,179
2010 ATLAS Collaboration (G. Aad, et al.), “Charged-particle multiplicities in pp interactions at root s=900 GeV measured with the ATLAS detector at the LHC ATLAS Collaboration,” Phys. Lett. B, 688(1): 21-42, 2010. 3,221
2009 LIGO Sci. Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration (B.P Abbott, et al.), “An upper limit on the stochastic gravitational-wave background of cosmological origin,” Nature, 460(7258): 990-4, 2009. 657
2008 CMS Collaboration (S. Chatrchyan, et al.), “The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC,” J. Instrumentation, 3: No. S08004, 2008. 3,101
2007 CMS Collaboration (G.L. Bayatian, et al.), “CMS physic technical design report, volume II: Physics performance,” J. Phys. G.-Nucl. Part. Phys. 2,011
2006 ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL, and SLD Collaborations (S. Schael, et al.), “Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance,” Phys. Reports, 427(5-6): 257-454, 2006. 2,517
2005 Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (D. Costagliola, et al.), “Incidence of tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy in Europe and North America,” Clin. Infect. Diseases, 41(12): 1772-82, 2005.  859
2004 MEGA Study Group (H. Nakamura, et al.), “Design and baseline characteristics of a study of primary prevention of coronary events with pravastatin among Japanese with mildly elevated cholesterol levels,” Circulation J., 68(9): 860-7, 2004. 2,459
2003 D. Acosta, et al. (CDF II Collaboration), “Measurement of the mass difference M(D(s)(+))-m(D(+)) at CDF II,” Phys. Rev. D, 68(7): No 072004, 2003. 818
2002 B. Aubert, et al. (BABAR Collaboration), “The BABAR detector,” Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. Sect. A, 479(1): 1-116, 2002. 824
Source: Thomson Reuters Web of Science