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The Hottest Research of 2006-07
by Christopher King

The Science Watch® Newsletter once again takes its annual look back at the hottest of recent research. The first table below lists the researchers who, during 2007, fielded the highest numbers of Hot Papers published over the last two years. The second table highlights the papers published during 2007 (aside from reviews) that were most cited by the end of the year.

Shizuo Akira
Shizuo Akira

For this latest annual roundup, Science Watch slightly changed the selection procedure for hot authors. Previously, selection was based on reports tallied in a single bimonthly Hot Papers file late in the year. This time, however, Science Watch made a special extraction to enumerate all occurrences of unique Hot Papers through the first ten months of 2007.

Of this year’s crop of scientists, the top-most are familiar names. A trio of high-energy physicists—Mikhail Kopytine, Basanta K. Nandi, and Thomas Peitzmann—return from last year’s roundup, again by virtue of their participation in not one but two large, multiauthor experimental collaborations: PHENIX and STAR at Brookhaven National Laboratory. For the three scientists, their contributions to research published over the last two years resulted in a dozen Hot Papers recorded during 2007. (The names on each tier of the table, incidentally, are listed alphabetically.)

Just below the physicists is another return appearance by an even more familiar name, who has become something of a fixture on this annual list of hot authors: Osaka University’s Shizuo Akira, who earns the distinction for a fourth year in a row, thanks to 11 Hot Papers on pathogen recognition and other aspects of the immune response.

Space scientist John A. Nousek of Penn State also contributed to 11 hot reports, on X-ray emissions and other phenomena related to gamma-ray bursts. High-impact astrophysics accounted for another place in the table, for Jon Brinkmann of the Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico, with his participation on 10 Hot Papers. Most of these are reports from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey mission; one such paper can currently be found at #6 in the latest Physics Top Ten.

The next author on the list, cancer geneticist Carlo M. Croce of Ohio State University, is interviewed in this issue and discusses his research on microRNA, the subject of his 10 Hot Papers over the last two years. In a similar vein, Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Todd R. Golub fielded 10 Hot Papers on gene expression in cancer.

The 10 hot reports featuring Columbia University’s Jeffrey A. Lieberman center on schizophrenia and its treatment; Lieberman discussed his highly cited research in a recent interview (Science Watch, 18[5]: 3-4, September/October 2007). And Harvard epidemiologist JoAnn Manson also contributed to 10 Hot Papers, on topics that include hormone-replacement therapy and women’s health, risk factors for diabetes, and diet supplementation in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Of 2007’s non-review papers, none approached the late-year citation total of a June Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series report from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe mission. This paper currently crowns the Physics Top Ten and is discussed in this issue by correspondent Simon Mitton.

Continuing its performance of recent years, the New England Journal of Medicine registered strongly in the year-end listing of papers, fielding 3 of the top 5 papers, and 15 overall. Science and Nature each scored with 6. Together, the three journals accounted for more than 60% of 2007’s hottest papers.End

Christopher King is the Editor of the Science Watch® Newsletter.

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Scientists with Multiple Hot Papers

     Name      Institution      Field No. of Hot Papers
Mikhail Kopytine Kent State University Physics 12
Basanta K. Nandi Indian Inst. Technol., Bombay Physics 12
Thomas Peitzmann Utrecht University Physics 12
Shizuo Akira [see also | see also | see also] Osaka University Immunology 11
John A. Nousek Pennsylvania State University Space Science 11
Jonathan Brinkmann Apache Point Observatory Space Science 10
Carlo M. Croce Ohio State University Cancer Genetics 10
Todd R. Golub HHMI, Broad Institute Cancer Genetics 10
Jeffrey A. Lieberman Columbia University Psychiatry 10
JoAnn Manson Harvard University Epidemiology 10
Source: Thomson Scientific Hot Papers Database.
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The Red-Hot Research Papers of 2007




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SOURCE: Thomson Scientific Web of Science®
(Citations recorded as of late December 2007)


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