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September 2009  

From the database of Essential Science IndicatorsSM, this list of Fast Moving Fronts has been generated by a comparison of the data sets for the current period of May 2003-April 30, 2009, and the previous period of March 2003-February 28, 2009 (sliding 6-year period).

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Field Research Front Name Description
Dustin R. RubensteinThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.HUMAN HAIR HYDROGEN-OXYGEN ISOTOPE RATIO-GEOGRAPHY RELATIONSHIP; MULTI-ELEMENT ISOTOPE; GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN Advances in the use of stable isotope markers make it possible to track a diversity of animal species in a variety of habitats.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Dustin R. Rubenstein & Keith A. Hobson
Biology &
Françoise BachelerieNOVEL CHEMOKINE RECEPTOR; CHEMOKINE RECEPTOR CXCR4; CANCER STEM CELL-DRIVEN METASTASIS; NEUROECTODERMAL DEVELOPMENT Chemokines are cytokines that display chemotactic functions and coordinate the homeostatic circulation of leukocytes by binding to G protein-coupled receptors.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Françoise Bachelerie
Research Front Map:
J. Evan SadlerThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.TYPE 1 VON WILLEBRAND DISEASE (MCMDM-1VWD); VON WILLEBRAND FACTOR COLLAGEN BINDING ASSAY; PLATELET FUNCTION ANALYZER (PFA)-100 (R) CLOSURE TIME; PLATELET DISORDERS von Willebrand disease is a bleeding disorder caused by inherited defects in von Willebrand factor, which is an enormous multimeric blood protein necessary for hemostasis.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
J. Evan Sadler
Jun TianREVERSIBLE DATA EMBEDDING; REVERSIBLE DATA HIDING SCHEME; REVERSIBLE WATERMARK; VQ-COMPRESSED IMAGES USING SIDE MATCHING Reversible data embedding embeds information into digital content without degrading its perceptual appearance, and has the capability to restore the content to its original state.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Jun Tian
Economics &
James N. DruckmanMEDIA EFFECTS MODELS; MEDIA BIAS; FRAMING EFFECTS; POLITICAL PREFERENCE FORMATION; POLITICAL BELIEF How contextual forces and individual attributes affect the success of framing and the assumption of behavioral rationality.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
James N. Druckman
Engineering Kyoung-jae KimFINANCIAL TIME SERIES FORECASTING USING SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINES; BANKRUPTCY PREDICTION USING SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE; LISTED COMPANIES' FINANCIAL DISTRESS PREDICTION Financial forecasting using support vector machines provide powerful algorithms based on statistical learning theory and risk minimization.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Kyoung-jae Kim
Kevin D. LaffertyThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.PARASITES DOMINATE FOOD WEB LINKS; AFRICAN LARGE-MAMMAL FOOD WEB; PARASITES ALTER COMMUNITY STRUCTURE; ULTIMATE MISSING LINKS Including parasites in food webs changes the way we view fundamental patterns in ecology.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Kevin D. Lafferty
Geosciences Markus RappMESOSPHERIC ICE PARTICLES; MESOSPHERIC ICE LAYERS; MESOSPHERIC ICE CLOUD; NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS Polar mesosphere summer echoes are direct evidence of ice clouds in the upper mesosphere.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Markus Rapp
Immunology IMMUNE DEPRESSION SYNDROME FOLLOWING HUMAN SPINAL CORD INJURY (SCI); ACUTE ISCHEMIC STROKE; INFLAMMATION AFFECT CHRONIC NEURODEGENERATION; PERIPHERAL INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM Depressed patients have higher levels of proinflammatory cytokines, acute phase proteins, chemokines and cellular adhesion molecules.
CARTILAGE TISSUE ENGINEERING; PLGA SCAFFOLDS USING SOFT LITHOGRAPHY; POROUS SCAFFOLDS; THREE-DIMENSIONAL SCAFFOLDS; POROUS SCAFFOLD DESIGN Recent advances in computational topology design and solid free-form fabrication have made it possible to create degradable porous material scaffolds with controlled architecture.
Mathematics EXTREMAL ENERGY TREES; MINIMAL ENERGY; LAPLACIAN ENERGY; BIPARTITE GRAPHS; TRICYCLIC GRAPHS The energy of a graph is defined as the sum of the absolute values of all eigenvalues of the graph.
Microbiology Jorge E. GalanThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.FLAGELLAR TYPE III SECRETION ENERGY SOURCE; TYPE III PROTEIN EXPORT; TYPE III SECRETION SYSTEM; TYPE III SECRETION INJECTISOME; TYPE III SECRETION MACHINES Many pathogenic or symbiotic bacteria use complex, supramolecular machines, to transfer bacterial proteins into eukaryotic cells to modulate their function.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Jorge E. Galan
Molecular Biology
& Genetics
SHAPE CASPASE ACTIVITY; CASPASE FUNCTION; CASPASE SUBSTRATES; CASPASE REGULATION; PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH Apoptotic cell death is executed by the caspase-mediated cleavage of various vital proteins.
Multidisciplinary Stephen J. ElledgeThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.INTERFERON-INDUCED PROTEIN BST-2 RESTRICTS HIV-1 RELEASE; VIRAL VPU PROTEIN; TETHERIN INHIBITS RETROVIRUS RELEASE Transcriptional analysis reveals that HIV- dependency factor genes are enriched for high expression in immune cells.
 Fast Moving Front Comment by:
  Stephen J. Elledge & Abraham L. Brass
Neuroscience &
PARIETAL CORTEX; FRONTAL CORTEX; HUMAN INTRAPARIETAL; COMPARATIVE MAPPING; HIGHER VISUAL AREAS Surface-based registration of macaque cortical areas onto the map of functional magnetic resonance imaging responses suggests a spatial correspondence between human and macaque parietal areas.
Pharmacology &
MITOCHONDRIA-TARGETED PLASTOQUINONE DERIVATIVES; CATIONIC PLASTOQUINONE DERIVATIVES; AGING PROGRAM The selective inhibition of mitochondrial oxidative damage is a promising therapeutic strategy.
Fast Breaking Paper Comment by:
Michael P. Murphy & Robin A. J. Smith
(Feb. 2008)
Physics William ShiehLINEAR FRACTIONAL PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS; NONLINEAR PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS; SOLVING LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS; MODIFIED HOMOTOPY PERTURBATION METHOD The use of two relatively new analytical techniques—the variational iteration method and the Adomian decomposition method—for solving linear differential equations of fractional order.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
William Shieh
Plant &
Animal Science
LASIODIPLODIA PLURIVORA SP NOV; PRUNUS SPECIES; MORPHOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE; LASIODIPLODIA THEOBROMAE Combined multiple gene genealogies and phenotypic characters differentiate several species.
Deborah CarrThe author(s) have sent in images corresponding to their work.CHILDHOOD OBESITY STIGMA; OBESITY STIGMATIZING; BODY WEIGHT; WEIGHT STIGMATIZATION Findings offer support for the pervasive stigma of obesity and the negative implications of stigmatized identities for life chances.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Deborah Carr
Social Sciences,
SUPREME COURT JUSTICES; JUDICIAL COMMON SPACE; ASYLUM ADJUDICATION; REFUGEE ROULETTE Placing Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges into a common policy space.
Scott M. Croom2DF QSO REDSHIFT SURVEY; QSO SURVEY; QSO CLUSTERING; VIRIAL BLACK HOLE MASSES; BLACK HOLE POPULATIONS Super-massive black holes play a critical role in the formation and growth of galaxies.
Fast Moving Front Comment by:
Scott M. Croom


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